Benefits of Braces in All Ages ( 7 EASY FACTS )

When thinking of braces, we often think of the process of straightening up a crooked smile. For the aesthetic reward. While this is an intended result, it’s not the only effect. So, what are the other benefits of braces? There are more than you realized. Let’s look into it a bit more.



Advantages and Disadvantages of Orthodontic Treatment

We are willing to make sacrifices in life when we know the investment will pay off in the long run. So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of having braces? Let’s review some of what we’ve learned and examined a couple of downsides:


  • Reduces the risk of gum disease, cavities, and tooth decay
  • Improves digestion
  • Reduces the risk of certain injuries
  • Prevents tooth erosion
  • Improves speech


  • Can take two to three years to straighten teeth
  • Wearers sometimes have to give up foods they love like corn on the cob or popcorn
  • Can be difficult to adapt to speaking while wearing braces
  • Flossing can be difficult as the string can get tangled in the braces

Is it really necessary to wear braces? The benefits outweigh the disadvantages considering their long-term positive impact on life.


Health Benefits of Braces

  1. Gum Disease Prevention

Wearing braces can be beneficial for gum disease prevention and prevents tooth decay. Gum diseases occur in the gum tissue around a tooth. More than half of people have bacterial infections. The disease is often classified as gingivitis causing complications.

If teeth have crooked or wrong alignment they can contain bacteria. These bacterial organisms grow over time, infecting gum tissue.


1.a Tooth Decay Prevention

Like gum disease, braces can help tooth decay prevention and loss. When a tooth is more pronounced it is less effective. It reduces chewing and causes difficulty in cleaning.

Until bacteria disappears from the surface the disease continues. And grows on a larger scale. It sucks into the teeth’ enamel and causes decay. Wearing a brace can help prevent dental decay and align the teeth and makes them easier to clean.


  1. Oral Health Problems

When food gets stuck in your child’s teeth, it will be a start on the development of oral health problems like cavities. Especially at a young age, this type of deterioration only leads to bigger problems later on down the road.

By straightening the teeth with braces, you reduce the spaces in between teeth, thus reducing places for food to linger. Floss effectively every day.


  1. Misaligned Teeth & Speech Impediments

In order for your son or daughter to be able to speak clearly and avoid speech impediments, it helps to have straight teeth. Certain dental placement or crooked teeth can make it difficult to enunciate particular sounds.

If your child suffers from a speech impediment, take a look and see if the problem lies in their dental layout. They may have crowded teeth too. This can lead to speech impairment.


  1. Straight Teeth Improve Digestion

When your child is unable to properly chew, the digestion of food is difficult, they face a number of risks including:

  • Improper nutrition
  • More cases of an upset stomach
  • Increased risk of constipation

When your child’s teeth aren’t properly aligned, their teeth are unable to grind down the food properly. Think of a pair of scissors when the blades don’t touch… it just doesn’t cut right.

Entire parts of the mouth like the front are incapable of absorbing nutrients. The result is a huge amount of food reaching a stomach and not being able to digest properly. This causes stomach problems and digestive difficulties after a food relapse and also causes stomach irritation.


  1. Increase Your Child’s Chances of Success

Some people seem ashamed to boost their own success with self-confidence. While this can be an unattractive trait when overdone, the right amount of self-esteem can take your child a long way.

A sincere smile goes far in helping your child look and feel their best. Especially when their misalignment causes speech issues, many kids avoid putting themselves out there due to the real possibility of rejection. Our staff understands just how damaging this can be, and we can work to arrange the most viable plan to secure your child’s future.


  1. Braces Can Even Reduce Injuries

What are the other benefits of braces? I’ll bet you never considered a reduced chance of injuries. When teeth don’t line up straight, it puts your child at a higher risk of chips, cracks, and even knocked-out teeth. This is common in association with:

  • Crashes
  • Sports
  • Accidents around the house

Especially if your child likes to roughhouse, injury can become a considerable concern. Not only can they hurt themselves, but they can even hurt others. For example, protruding teeth at high impact can cause real damage.


  1. Improved Comfort

Lastly, braces may increase overall health and comfort. If people get misaligned teeth it is easier to bite their tongue, gums & cheeks as the jawbones cannot sit together properly. The teeth can cause more general discomfort, as a result causing increased pressure on the jaws.


  1. Bone Erosion Prevention

Bone erosion prevention is important and rarely spoken of. The gums and teeth may also affect the bone that supports the teeth. Each tooth has its roots in the jaw. If bacteria penetrate the gums and teeth to get into the bones it starts erosion and deterioration.

A misaligned jawbone is one common cause of jaw fracture. It creates space for bacteria to hide or grow and reach the bones. Braces can assist the jawbone in preventing erosion by preventing the formation of plaque in the mouth.

The teeth in the braces can be moved naturally and comfortably. This reduces the risk of accidental biting in the mouth and reduces pressure in the jaw and TMJs.


Could Invisalign Work?

Invisalign braces are popular. There are alternatives to traditional style braces, and our staff is here to help you understand your options. Invisalign is a popular alternative. Despite what many think, it actually costs around the same as braces. There are two main reasons, however, why this may not be the right option for your child:

  • They suffer from severe orthodontic issues that require braces to correct
  • You don’t think they’d take consistent care of them

Our staff understands that, when applied under the right circumstances, Invisalign offers a less invasive option over braces. When you meet with our orthodontist, we’ll take a complete analysis to ensure we make your child’s experience as pleasant as possible. The primary goal, however, is to ensure dental problems are fixed once and for all to allow your child the comfort and confidence they deserve in their smile.


Optimal Age for Maximum Benefits of Braces

Anyone at any age with dental misalignments can benefit from braces. They work on the human anatomy the same as they slowly move your child’s teeth in place. As the parent, it’s up to you to ensure they’re able to take advantage of the ideal time to get braces between the ages of around 10 and 14.

During this span of your child’s life, both the mouth and head are still growing. This makes it a great time to coax teeth in the right direction since they’re more compliant to change.





Your child’s great smile will allow him or her to express their most positive emotions in life, and we want to ensure that they won’t want to hide it. Getting braces will create a perfect smile.

Dr. Mcdermott and his staff are experienced, and they put expert tools and education to work in providing orthodontic braces leading to a confidence that’ll last a lifetime. Call to schedule your appointment for a free consultation


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