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How To Floss With Permanent Retainer – Avoid Tartar Build Up

We will show you in the post how to floss with a permanent retainer to avoid tarter build up. Anyone who understands what wearing braces for years has experienced the pain that it brings and the hardship it poses when it comes to cleaning the teeth. Apart from the pain, there are other embarrassing moments that come up when you wear braces.

For instance, you might find yourself smiling to your friends, and your brackets and wires are full of food. If you have experienced some of these embarrassing moments, you know that the journey with the braces to the point of removing them cannot be for anything less than a perfect smile.

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What Are the Benefits of Getting a Second Opinion for Braces or Invisalign Treatments?

A second opinion in anything is important. An orthodontist’s second opinion is key to achieving the best result. Find out as much information as you can by seeing different experts. Whether traditional or Invisalign treatment, go with the facts below and reap the reward of investigation. Start now.

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Benefits of Braces in All Ages ( 7 EASY FACTS )

When thinking of braces, we often think of the process of straightening up a crooked smile. For the aesthetic reward. While this is an intended result, it’s not the only effect. So, what are the other benefits of braces? There are more than you realized. Let’s look into it a bit more.

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How To Help Children Remain Cavity-Free (5 EASY FACTS)

Dental health begins in childhood. Children will need knowledge of caring for teeth now as a habit to avoid cavities for life. All teeth are subject to plaque, fed by foods like sugary snacks. Creating an acid that breaks down the enamel and allows cavities to form. The plaque can also harden into tartar, making it more difficult to keep teeth clean. So, what guidelines help children remain cavity-free? Read on for the lowdown.

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Is Your Invisalign Not Tracking?

Clear aligners are delicate and strong. They perform a set task to move teeth. In some cases, the movement called ‘TRACKING’ will not be enough and show up on the scans as in need of checking. Your orthodontist will know what to do. Below we list some signs of bad movement. And common reasons why your clear aligners are not tracking properly. Let’s crack on…

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Orthodontic Retainers | How To Avoid Mold & Black Spots

Orthodontic retainers. Getting your braces off is an exciting time. While braces are the most efficient way to get the smile of your dreams, there are a lot of rules surrounding what you can and can’t do with your braces. The upkeep may be annoying, but the end result is well worth it. But if you’re given orthodontic retainers after you get your brackets and wires off, you’re not quite out of the clear yet. There are a few care tips you need to know how to take care of your retainers. Let’s get cracking.

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Different parts of orthodontic braces

An appointment or braces can be a scary thought for some. You may wonder what goes into the procedure or how much it will hurt. An orthodontic appliance will have many different parts. Your orthodontist will know what parts are going to do what movements.

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What is The Function of Fluoride? (Good for Teeth?)

We have all consumed fluoride at some point. It is a naturally occurring mineral. You may have heard good things from some people and bad things from others. It is a big part of the dental health industry and is in the water supply of most advanced nations. In this post, we’ll give you a rundown of this subject and discuss why fluoride is good for teeth.

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Can I Get Invisalign With Cavities? (Let’s Explore)

Cavities are bad news. Cavities with Invisalign are worse. If you are investigating Invisalign as a future treatment, your oral health matters.  will determine whether you start or not. Read on to find out about starting Invisalign treatment when you have to deal with cavities. First, let’s compare Invisalign treatment to traditional treatment.

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Hawley Retainers | All You Need to Know in 2021

Hawley Retainer, also named a metal retainer by some is used when an orthodontic treatment has been completed, it is common for a Hawley retainer to be fitted and used. If you are unfamiliar or new to orthodontic work, then you may be wondering what is Hawley retainer? The cost, colors and care. Knowing more about this retainer along with listening to your orthodontist will help you in deciding if this is the right retainer for you or your family. 


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