My Bottom and Top Teeth Are Not Aligned. Can Braces Help Align My Jaws?

Looking in the mirror and seeing not aligned teeth in your mouth or in the mouth of your kids can prove unsettling. Fortunately, Orthodontists are available to help your family deal with these struggles and to learn how braces align jaws.

What an Orthodontist Does

When you see alignment issues with your bottom and top teeth, you may think of going to a regular dentist. However, a dentist is different from an orthodontist. Orthodontists are dental professionals focus specifically on braces. They can work with you to select the right type of braces. For example, some people will need traditional braces; others will be candidates for Invisalign or braces behind the teeth. Working with an orthodontist helps to determine the best plan.

How to Visit an Orthodontist

Going to the orthodontist for dental assistance usually happens with the recommendation of a dentist. Chances are you bring your family to a general dentistry practice. When you are there, express your concern about the not aligned teeth, and you will probably get a recommendation for an orthodontist. If you are certain that you need to learn how braces align jaws, you may want to call a local orthodontist yourself. However, you may be told that you need a referral from a dentist first. 

What Braces Do

Braces have the ability to fix a variety of problems. If your bottom and top teeth are not aligned, then braces can help with that issue. Braces can also help with the overcrowding of teeth or crooked teeth. One major benefit of going to the orthodontist is that you can learn specifically what your issue is with your teeth. Instead of just guessing that it is a misalignment, you can know for sure. Orthodontists are able to assess the best issue and recommend a plan based on the issue. 

Beginning the Process

Orthodontists work with you and your family from the start to diagnose the problem and to craft a plan. You might have uncomfortable memories of your first visit to the orthodontist decades ago, but keep in mind how much technology and methods have changed since then. Early in the process, the orthodontist might take scans and make molds to determine the best braces for the teeth. 

Handling Costs

When you learn that your teeth are not aligned, you may immediately begin to worry about the costs. Keep in mind that there is more than one sole way to handle the price of braces. Orthodontists can often offer you a few different suggestions. Speaking with your dental insurance provider is a wise decision early on the process. In fact, before you go to the orthodontist, you should make sure that you call the practice to find out if your insurance is accepted. Fortunately, many dentists accept a range of insurance plans. When your insurance does not cover the cost of the braces, you can speak with the orthodontist about payment plans. For example, you may have the ability to put money down on and to pay off the rest in monthly installments.
Regular Visits
While you don’t need to constantly go to the orthodontist for check-ups, you will have regular appointments to see how the teeth are doing. This is a fact and a must. If your teeth are currently misaligned, you want to get a sense of how the braces are working. By going to the orthodontist, you can learn how your teeth are progressing. Your teeth might progress more quickly or more slowly than expected, and the orthodontist can make adjustments. 

Changing Teeth

You may wonder how any of these braces work if your teeth are constantly changing. In other words, you might be curious as to how braces can continue to provide support if your teeth are shifting. It’s reasonable to ponder how the braces stay on moving teeth, and the visits to the orthodontist will help. When your teeth change, your braces may as well. You may get a new set of braces to accommodate your changing teeth. 

Preventative Care

Orthodontists are also there to help you learn how to take care of your braces and to prevent damage from happening to them. For example, you may wonder if you can eat certain foods when you have the braces on. The answer to that question generally depends on the type of braces that you have. The orthodontist will likely provide you with rules and guidelines once you get your braces, and following them is of utmost importance. 

Dentist Vs Orthodontist

Pain Relief

You might remember having braces when you were a kid and constantly dealing with wires that were irritating your gums. Keep in mind that other methods of braces are sometimes used now. However, the old wire braces are not defunct. If you are concerned that your children will experience the same issues, you should speak with the orthodontist. He or she can help you with preventative measures. Also, you can ask if the wires can be readjusted if the irritation persists. 

Time Period

Many people wonder how long they are going to wear braces for. The answer depends entirely on the situation. Some individuals have to wear braces for a year; other people wear them for four years followed by several years with a retainer. The good news is that when you meet with orthodontists, they can generally tell for approximately how long you will need the braces. 


When you are having your teeth realigned by braces at an orthodontist, another benefit is that you can generally count on tips for aftercare. A number of patients do have to wear retainers for a time period, and they continue to go to the orthodontist for checkups during this time. Therefore, if any issues start to manifest, the orthodontist is able to resolve them quickly. These dental professionals help people with their needs for braces from the very early stages of the process until it is entirely complete, which helps to provide you with greater peace of mind.
Misaligned teeth can seem like a major problem, and they can be if they are left untreated. Fortunately, Orthodontists are available to help with this dental issue. When you want to schedule an appointment to get started with braces, you should contact a representative today to open the conversation. 

My Bottom and Top Teeth Are Not Aligned. Can Braces Help Align My Jaws?

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