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Are Braces for Adults Worth the Trouble?

Are Braces for Adults Worth the Trouble? When most people think of orthodontic work, they picture a teenager with a full set of metal braces smiling in their school picture. This classic image is often what deters adults from going for orthodontic work themselves. In many cases, your parents might not have had the funds to get braces for you or you might have had extensive orthodontic work done only to stop maintaining the results and now feel like you can benefit from going back for braces. You might be wondering, “Are braces still worth it as an adult?” and the simple answer is, yes.

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Are Braces Still Worth It as an Adult?

Adults have many different orthodontic options available to them, making it relatively effortless to begin orthodontic treatment and feel good about the way that they look. When your teeth are crooked or crowded, you’ll find that they are more difficult to brush and floss. They might also affect the way that you eat and speak.

For these reasons and for cosmetic issues, you’ll find that going for braces, even as an adult, is still well worth the decades of gorgeous teeth that you will have once the braces are removed and your results maintained in the proper manner.

Options Available to You

Adults often go with Invisalign or invisible braces because they are not easily seen by the naked eye. These braces are totally clear and fit right over the teeth snugly to reshape and correct overcrowding and crookedness that you might be dealing with right now. If invisible braces aren’t your cup of tea or if your orthodontist has recommended that you need another choice, metal braces are still a wonderful way to correct your teeth.

Many adults are wary about having metal braces put onto their teeth, however, you’ll find that the few months you’re in the braces are well worth the decades of having a smile you don’t mind showing off. Be sure to speak with your orthodontist to see what options are available to you.

Can I Have Braces as an Adult?

If you’re wondering, “Can I have braces as an adult”, the answer is definitely a resounding, yes. Braces aren’t just made for kids and teens. They are specifically made to correct problems of all teeth, no matter the shape or size.

More and more adults nowadays are visiting their orthodontist to have their teeth straightened, and many orthodontists now specialize in adult orthodontic work. This means that you shouldn’t be ashamed or embarrassed to go to your local orthodontic office and begin to have work done by their qualified and professional team. There is never a case where your teeth are too old or too crooked to benefit from orthodontics.

As an Adult Can Braces Still Fix My Teeth?

Many adults wonder, “As an adult can brace still fix my teeth?” Thankfully, there is no age limit on when you can and cannot get orthodontic work done. For most adults, they can benefit greatly from having braces put on, whether this is the invisible kind or the traditional metal option.

If your mouth is very overcrowded, you may need other orthodontic work done before the braces can be fitted on, however, you will still benefit from the orthodontic work being done for you and you’ll come out of the office after the braces have been renewed feeling more confident than ever with how your smile looks.

Adults Getting Braces: Is It Ever Too Late?

What to Expect

First, you’ll need to contact a local office where you can get orthodontic work done. Be sure to let them know that you’re an adult seeking orthodontic work, as some offices specialize only in children and teens. They might ask you if you have dental insurance, as this will cut down the costs of the work for you. If you do not have coverage, there may be some offices willing to offer to finance and put you on a payment plan.

Your first appointment with the orthodontist will be a full consultation that involves x-rays. This will let the orthodontist know what type of work needs to be done and what type of braces you can be fitted for. From there, you will go at least once a month for your braces to be put on and then adjusted from there on out. If you have invisible braces, they will need to take an impression of your teeth at each visit so that a new tray can be made for you.

How Long Does Orthodontic Work Take?

Orthodontic work can take anywhere from six months to two or three years depending on the severity of your dental problems. If your teeth are very misaligned and crooked, you may need additional orthodontic appliances put on, which can extend the length of your treatment.

If you can simply go into the office and have braces put on, you are looking at six to 12 months in the braces for them to fully straighten your teeth. Talk to your orthodontist about how long the treatment will last according to your own specific needs.

Maintaining the Results

The problem with so many people, both teens, and adults, who go for orthodontic work is that they spend months or even years in braces and then forget that they need to maintain their results in order to have a lifetime of gorgeous teeth.

Maintaining your results means that you need to wear the retainer that was made for you by the orthodontist at least a few nights a week for the rest of your life. It’s recommended that you have a new retainer made every few years so that you don’t have to worry about the old one cracking or breaking without a backup. The retainer is what keeps your teeth in place and prevents them from becoming crooked again.

Consulting with a Professional Orthodontist

Be sure to make a consultation appointment with your local orthodontic office. Their team of expert professionals is there to fit you with braces and see that your treatment is both comfortable and successful.

You will love what they can do for your smile, and it will help you to know that many adults go for orthodontic work as well to prevent the problems that might come as a result of having crooked or overcrowded teeth.

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Are Braces for Adults Worth the Trouble?

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