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When you have braces, your orthodontist may need to have you wear special rubber bands that link the top and bottom jaws together. While these pieces of elastic look like they couldn’t possibly do much, the truth is that they play a huge role in the bite alignment phase of your orthodontic treatment. Since your orthodontist knows how important it is to make having orthodontic treatment fun, they may offer you a vast selection of colors that you can use to enhance the appearance of your appliances.



Since these rubber bands may be visible every time you smile, it just makes sense to treat them with the same level of care that you would any other accessory. The best part is that you can easily change up your look every time you replace a set of rubber bands. If you are wondering how to choose good color bands for your teeth, then you have come to the right place. The braces color wheel spans from neutral colors such as white to bright neon colors such as hot pink, and you can use this guide to start planning how to mix and match the right colors to bring out your best attributes.


What Do Rubber Bands Do In Your Braces?

You should always feel free to ask your orthodontist any questions that you have about your braces. After all, understanding how and why rubber bands are put on your braces helps you see the importance of wearing them. In most cases, you will need to wear your rubber bands for the majority of the day. This is because they are applying additional pressure that holds your bite in alignment. If you are wearing braces to correct a crossbite, underbite or overbite, then these bands help to pull the top and bottom jaws into the proper place. In a way, you can consider them to be training your mouth to stay in the proper positions.

Since elastic stretches out over time, you will need to change the bands regularly. You may also need to change your braces if you have aesthetic concerns such as do white bands on braces stains. Your orthodontist will tell you how often to change the rubber bands, but this is typically done several times a day. You will also need to place fresh bands in your mouth first thing in the morning since you will have been wearing the ones in your mouth for quite a few hours.

Are You Concerned About Staining?

Now that you know the answer to your questions about what do rubber bands do in your braces, it is time to learn how to take care of the bands and pick out the best colors. Many people ask their orthodontist to do white bands on braces stain, and this is a good question. White and clear elastic bands are made from materials that are resistant to stains.

However, they can pick up pigments from foods and drinks that are dark in color. For instance, strawberries or dark soda are known to occasionally stain some rubber bands. If you are an adult with braces, then you will also want to be careful with red wine when you are wearing white or clear elastic bands.

Fortunately, however, you don’t have to worry long about staining. Since you change the elastics several times a day, the worst thing that you have to worry about is throwing them away and putting in new ones. Keep in mind that the bands that are placed around your brackets are not replaced as often.

These are usually replaced every four to six weeks, and they can also stain. Talk to your orthodontist about your options for bracket bands if you frequently eat food or enjoy drinks that are known to stain. In some cases, metal tie wires can be used, or you may choose a slightly darker color for those that blend in with the brackets and cannot show staining.

So How Do You Pick a Good Color?

By now, you are likely still wondering exactly how to choose good color bands for your teeth, and the truth is that there are tons of ways to get started with this fun part of straightening your teeth. For most people, the ideal color will be based upon the ones that they like along with those that complement their appearance. You’ll also find that you may change your favorite rubber band colors over time as you take up new interests or change schools.

What Are Your Favorite Colors?

When you look at the braces color wheel, your first step is to think about your favorite colors. Do you love neon shades, or perhaps you have always preferred traditional primary colors such as red and blue. You may also love pink, purple or turquoise. Whatever your favorite color is, you can bet that you’ll find a rubber band to match it.

BRACES COLOR IDEAS!! | color ideas for braces

Are You On a Sports Team?

Athletes love picking their rubber band colors so that they match their uniforms. Just imagine how great that team photo will look when you show off your school or sports team colors. You can also choose colors that complement your uniform so that the rubber bands stand out.

Have You Tried Matching to Your Eyes or Nail Polish?

When you look at the color wheel, you can also look for shades that match your eyes or nail polish. For instance, you could wear a pair of bright green bands or go for a gold color to bring out those flecks that make your eyes look vibrant. You can also match your rubber bands to your nail polish or other parts of your clothing for a pulled-together look that gets you noticed.

Which Colors Look Best Together?

A color wheel is an excellent tool for finding complimentary colors for your bands. Try looking at the colors that sit across from each other on the wheel. For instance, purple and yellow work well together. So do green and red. You can also put orange and blue together and look like a color matching genius.

Since mixing up the colors adds a unique touch to your look, you’ll find that you get tons of compliments on your choices. Do you have questions about your braces and the rubber bands? Let us know when you come in for an appointment so that we can set you up with an awesome array of color options.

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Braces Color Wheel | Find The Best Color For You

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