Braces for Adults

Braces for AdultsBenefits of Braces for Adults

Many people seem to think that orthodontic braces are for kids, especially those in the pre-teen age range. Today, however, an increasing number of adults are being fitted with orthodontic braces to straighten their teeth and fill gaps in the gum line. Adults of all ages are enjoying the benefits of getting braces to address their orthodontic problems.

Cosmetic Enhancements

Orthodontic work consists of straightening crooked teeth, turning those that are twisted or leaning, and pulling them together to fill gaps in the gum line. Fitting the teeth in a close-knit range improves the look of a smile as well as contributes to a smoother jawline and cheeks. Protruding upper or lower teeth can be corrected so that the lips come together more naturally. A person with beautiful teeth can look better than ever before.

Dental Improvements

Teeth that fit the gumline as naturally as possible make it easier for people to smile without feeling self-conscious. Some can talk more clearly. Others will enjoy greater comfort while eating. Dental hygiene can be facilitated. Decay between teeth can be more easily removed with brushing and flossing. The teeth and mouth will be healthy and this will help to prevent tooth decay and loss.



Health Benefits

Healthy teeth and gum tissues cause less inflammation. In turn, this reduces the risk of gingivitis or oral cancer. Some research suggests that inflammatory gum disease may contribute to heart disease or plaque buildup in the arteries. Moreover, people who can chew their food more easily tend to have fewer digestive problems. These are several good reasons why it is never too late to get orthodontic treatment for dental issues. Increased confidence, an attractive appearance, and better dental health, as well as improved health overall, are great benefits that can result from this fairly common and affordable procedure.

Contact our office for more information. We can discuss insurance options and payment plans. You may be scheduled for an oral exam and x-rays to determine what type of braces is best recommended for you. The usual treatment plan ranges over a period of several months but can vary from patient to patient. Discover how you can have the best smile ever while improving dental health.

Braces for Adults

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