Braces Treatment During a Pandemic (3 EASY THINGS TO KNOW)

When self-isolation is in effect you may wonder about ongoing medical treatments. And how they will be affected. Lockdowns mean you cannot visit your treatment provider as usual. If you are undergoing orthodontics during self-isolation, then carry on as you were. Your provider will still be in operation but with strict rules about who can visit the office and why. In this post, we’ll take you through braces treatment during a pandemic. Let’s get going.




Continuing Braces Treatment During a Pandemic

You can continue your orthodontic treatment regardless of self-isolation and lockdowns. Your orthodontist office will remain open but for emergency and essential treatments only. You’ll find strict rules on place when visiting the office. Listed below are the main things to do while undergoing face-to-face treatment.

Staying in touch with your orthodontist is essential during a Pandemic. Your provider will notify you when an appointment is necessary. A telephone call may be able to sort out the issue. You can generally set up a virtual appointment with ease with your provider. Keep going as per the treatment plan.


Office Visits During Lockdown

Stay in your car until called. Announce your arrival by calling the office. More than likely your orthodontist will have a dedicated COVID number.

  • Sanitize your hands and put on a face mask.
  • Answer questions relating to COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Your temperature will be taken with a device to your forehead. This is due to furniture being allocated in a social distance location.
  • No magazines or iPads. Also, there is no coffee and beverages.
  • Only the patient and one guardian if needed will be allowed in the office. The guardian may be asked to wait in reception.
  • You’ll need to stay 6 feet or more from the nearest person.
  • The waiting times may be extended as time is needed for sanitizing the areas the orthodontist needs to work in.
  • It is important that you DO NOT attend the office if you are suffering symptoms. You’ll have to wait the agreed isolation time before rescheduling the appointment.


Dental Emergencies During Self-Isolation

Orthodontic or dental emergencies happen during a lockdown. You’ll have to wait longer than usual for an appointment during this time. When it does come you need to follow the protocol. Then you’ll be able to see the orthodontist and have the issue fixed. For small and common issues, there are ways to fix these at home.

Broken Wire

Orthodontic wires can snap or come loose. If this happens expect the wire to poke out from the teeth and cut the gums. Until the opportunity to have it rectified comes, you can work the wire back into position. Use tweezers for this. Use wax to hold the wire in place and be gentle around your mouth.

Loose Brackets

Brackets hold the wires to the teeth. Sometimes, they will detach from the tooth. This is an issue that needs attention as soon as possible.


Leave it hanging and call your provider


You may have broken the bracket eating or playing sport. In this case, the bracket will hang on the wire and stay there. DO NOT touch it. Leave it hanging and call your provider. It’s a frustrating problem that will cause discomfort until it’s dealt with properly.

Other Pandemic Issues

Other issues occur during a pandemic. You may lose rubber bands, or your bands may snap. You can call the office and have the team send you the bands on the post. Users of Invisalign aligners may find themselves with a lost or damaged aligner.

Your new aligner will need ordering. Depending on the provider you may have a few replacements free. Or you may need to shell out a fair bit for a new one. And you’ll need to make an appointment to go and collect it. This adds to the unnecessary visits during a pandemic. If a tooth attachment falls off, you will need an appointment.




Invisalign Treatment During a Pandemic.

Invisalign is a system of aligners that moves teeth. Because of this, you will not need any office visits for tightening or gluing. You will have your aligners ready at home. Using your smartphone app on the agreed date, your orthodontist can provide advice. And treatment advancements over telephone or Zoom software.
Replacement aligners will take longer to arrive. It is our advice to double down on aligner and retainer care during a pandemic. Lost time means longer treatment.


New Patients for Braces Treatment

To begin treatment during a lockdown, a virtual consultation will be set up. This is between the expert and yourself. After a discussion, the orthodontist will form a plan. The treatment will begin with X-rays. These will need doing in the office. The above protocols in effect. Any molds or actions need doing in quick succession and at the same time to avoid repeated visits.
Invisalign patients will go the same road but without the gloopy mess, instead,  a 3-D X-ray wand does it. An appointment for fitting the first one and compliance rules is next. Then you will have enough aligners to get you going. From then on scans using smartphone apps and emails complete the beginning.



In this time of pandemic and lockdown, you can be confident Dr. McDermott is on hand to deal with anything. Issues like your treatment and advancements. The office will stay open for essential only cases and the team is on hand to deal with issues over the phone at first.
The doctor will also give patients affected by the pandemic guidance and counseling. The entire team of dedicated staff iso using the latest techniques. They all attend workshops, seminars, educational courses, and conferences.  All the services and treatment will benefit the patient’s teeth in the lifetime. Patients can use the clinic’s website to contact the doctor. 
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