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Dealing with teeth that aren’t perfectly aligned comes with many downsides. Sadly, you might have heard people referring to your gap teeth, and it is common to feel embarrassed about having teeth that are too far apart. You might have even wondered what are gap teeth since it is not something that you hear about every day. Unlike many other dental issues, you didn’t get gap teeth because you did something wrong like ignore your oral hygiene. Instead, this is an oral health condition that naturally happens. 

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What’s the Deal?

Your gap teeth formed due to a combination of different factors that include genetics, your oral habits and the amount of space that you have in your mouth. In some cases, having other orthodontic issues can cause your teeth to come in far apart. You might also just have small teeth with too much room in your mouth.


When you are wondering can retainer fix the gap teeth, you are in for some good news. There are many different ways to improve your smile, and you can take advantage of the latest technology in the field of orthodontics to pull your teeth closer together.


What Are Gap Teeth?

Gap teeth are simply ones that have large gaps in between them. You may have only a few spaces in your mouth where this happens. For instance, many people start out in life with a large gap between their two front teeth. This can sometimes be due to a large frenulum, which is that soft piece of tissue that connects to your lip. This can be corrected with a simple office procedure. In most cases, you will then need further treatment to bring the teeth together.


What Kinds of Problems Can Gap Teeth Cause?

People sometimes view large spaces between their teeth as an aesthetic issue, but you should know that the misalignment could be causing you bigger problems. Gaps in your tooth line can allow large chunks of food to get stuck between your teeth. This is embarrassing when it happens within your smile zone. However, it also creates the perfect breeding ground for cavities to develop. 


The large gaps might also make your teeth come together improperly. Your top and lower jaws might have teeth that hit each other too hard when you close your mouth. This can sometimes lead to serious problems such as chipped teeth and damaged tooth restorations. Fixing your gap teeth then becomes an essential part of your oral health plan since it can prevent you from having to correct costly damage down the road.


What is a Retainer?

Retainers are a wonderful asset that we can use to improve your smile. This type of appliance typically consists of a piece of molded plastic that fits on the roof of your mouth along with some specially shaped wires that help to hold your teeth in place. In some cases, a retainer may also hold your upper and lower jaws together while you sleep so that they get trained to stay within a specific type of alignment.


For the most part, retainers are used following an initial round of treatment with braces. We call them retainers because they are meant to retain your new teeth positioning. Some people wear retainers for a short period of time. Others may need to continue to wear their retainers at night for the majority of their life. If you get prescribed a retainer, it is important to wear it as directed, or you might see the gaps start coming back.


What Types of Braces are There?

Our go-to treatment for correcting gap teeth is braces. We offer several different types of braces to make your life easier. Traditional metal braces are the ones that you tend to think of first when you think about pulling teeth into their right places. These are ideal for younger children who may not keep a retainer or other type of braces in their mouths.


Damon braces are similar to traditional braces. We also adhere these to the teeth so that they work around the clock to help straighten your smile. However, the brackets are clear, which makes them less noticeable. These are a great option when you have aesthetics concerns about your treatment but also need to strength and precision that is provided by traditional styles of braces.


Ceramic braces are another option that blends in with your teeth. Some patients prefer these for how they look and feel in their mouth. We can also employee techniques that involve placing the braces behind your teeth when you are worried about how your smile looks during your treatment.


Are Invisalign Aligners a Type of Retainer?

Invisalign is another treatment option that serves as a kind of hybrid between braces and retainers. These clear plastic trays fit over your teeth, but each one is molded to specifically put pressure on your teeth in the right places so that they move together. Orthodontists sometimes use the last tray in the pack as a form of retainer. Once your teeth are where you want them, wearing the final aligner tray for longer helps to train the ligaments in your jaw to hold them there.

RETAINERS | Everything You Need To Know

So Can Retainer Fix the Gap Teeth?

In essence, retainers work best to pull the jaws into the right alignment and retain orthodontic work that has already been done. However, some people view Invisalign as a type of retainer, which means that they can help to fix gap teeth. Each type of appliance we use is designed to fit a specific purpose.


How Do I Get My Teeth Closer Together?

Sitting around waiting to find out what kinds of problems can gap teeth cause does nothing to help you smile. Instead, it is best to be proactive about fixing your gap teeth. You can fix your gap teeth with the right orthodontic appliance within anywhere from several months to a year or more. Getting started today helps you enjoy your future smile sooner.


Dealing with gap teeth can make life miserable. On top of being embarrassed to smile, your gap teeth could be causing problems that you don’t even know about yet. At McDermott Orthodontics, we have several treatment options available to help you get your teeth into perfect alignment. Give us a call for a complimentary consultation that starts your treatment off right!

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