Do I Need Braces?

Do I Need Braces?

Whether you’ve seen people wearing braces at the store or in movies, you’ve often wondered why you don’t have them. Perhaps you are thinking about whether or not your kids need to get these pieces of metal on their teeth. Only an orthodontist can fully answer that question. However, some signs exist that may point to your necessity for these devices.

1. All of your adult teeth are in.

If you are considering this reason, then you are probably looking into braces for your children. In general, kids cannot get these devices before their adult teeth are in. If they still have their baby teeth, then the orthodontists do not know what their adult teeth will look like. Also, if the adult teeth start to grow in while the braces are on, major problems can exist. Most children cannot get these devices until they have all of their adult teeth. When adult teeth aren’t growing in at all, another reason must be the cause.

2. The general dentist suggested it.

While the reasons to visit an orthodontist can vary, most of the time the suggestion comes from a general dentist. These dentists do not specialize in such teeth-altering devices, but they can recognize when certain problems exist. When they see that the teeth are shifting in abnormal ways or that the teeth are not growing in properly, they may recommend that their patients schedule appointments with an orthodontist.

3. Your teeth are crooked.

One of the major signs that you need to get these devices is that your teeth are crooked. Getting Invisalign, for example, can help you to have straight teeth. Your teeth could be crooked in a number of ways. For example, you might have a couple of teeth that are not aligned with the others, or every tooth in your mouth might sway in the improper direction.

4. You have an underbite or an overbite.

In addition to having straight teeth, your top and bottom teeth are also supposed to line up. If they do not, you may have an underbite or an overbite. These devices can help to resolve these issues.

5. Your teeth are growing in abnormally.

Teeth are supposed to grow in certain spots, and they are supposed to grow in certain ways. When you or your kids go to the dentists, they may notice that the teeth are not coming in how they are supposed too. By obtaining these devices, you can work toward teeth that come in properly.

6. You don’t like how your teeth look.

When you look into the mirror, you may see a smile looking back at you that is unpleasant. While you need to speak with the specialist to determine what the right answer is for you, you may discover that Invisalign is a possibility. This option is a good one for people who are concerned about their looks. You do not have to worry that people will see pieces of metal on your teeth. Instead, you can rest assured knowing that the devices are hidden.

7. You had them in the past, and your teeth are crooked again.

The methods for straightening teeth have certainly improved over the years and the decades. You might have had these devices when you were a child, and a number of changes may come to fruition since then. The type of devices that were used back then might have failed you. Even though you already went through a similar treatment in the past, you can discover that getting them again is the answer that you need.

8. You didn’t wear your retainer or headgear.

Maybe you did have a proficient set of devices in the past, but you did not properly follow the aftercare instructions. Usually, when people are finished with these sets, they need to wear retainers or headgear for at least part of the day or night. However, a number of individuals ignore these suggestions. If you did not follow the instructions from the doctor back then, you may find that you must go through the process again.

9. You have not maintained your dental hygiene.

Some people go to dental offices when they are young; however, when the time comes for them to take care of their own teeth, they simply let the practices fall to the wayside. If you have spent a good amount of time away from dental hygiene, you may discover that you need to get devices to straighten out your teeth when you return.

10. You were injured.

Even if you have always taken good care of your teeth, you might have been involved in an accident that caused damage to your mouth. This damage might have been enough to make your teeth shift, and when you opt to have these systems placed on your teeth, your teeth can shift back to their proper places.

Contact McDermott Orthodontics to Learn More About Treatment for Adults

In Minnesota, you can visit McDermott Orthodontics to learn more about the orthodontic treatments that are designed for adults. Dr. Michael McDermott offers services to patients living in these areas:

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At McDermott Orthodontics, our patients can receive treatment with these orthodontic devices:

• Damon system – self-ligating devices
• Clear devices – made with clear brackets
• Invisalign aligners – suitable for adults
• Ceramic devices – made with color-matching brackets

With our top-of-the-line diagnostic equipment, we can determine how to improve the positions of your teeth with a few months or several years of orthodontic treatment. To learn more about orthodontic braces, schedule an appointment today.

Do I Need Braces?

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