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Eat Better, Feel Better


Boost Your Mood

A well-balanced diet isn’t just going to help you maintain a healthy weight or keep your orthodontist happy. There are actually certain foods that can alter your mood immediately. For those that have been feeling down in the dumps, here are some changes that anyone can make to their diet in order to tap into the mood-boosting power of food.

Balance Protein and Carbs

Balancing one’s blood sugar levels is the single most effective way to alter your mood with food. Lean carbohydrates such as whole wheat pasta and quinoa will allow your body to produce insulin while protein will keep you feeling full longer. Every single person is different, and this is why it is important to test the right balance for your own body.

Limit Caffeine and Alcohol

Not only are beverages such as coffee and red wine potentially hazardous for your smile, but they can also interfere with some of your body’s most important functions. Those that use a large amount of caffeine to stay awake each day and end their night with a few drinks of alcohol could actually be harming their natural circadian rhythm and their energy levels.

Eat More Fish

Countless studies have been carried about having, at least, a few servings of fish per week in order to boost one’s intake of omega-3 fatty acids. Typically found in fish such as salmon and tuna, omega-3 fatty acids have been linked to a wide variety of important bodily functions including hormonal and chemical balances in the brain. For an average adult – around three to four servings per week should be enough.

If you are wondering what other food can make you feel better or have not seen an orthodontist in within the past year, please contact us today to set up your own appointment. At McDermott Orthodontics, our Minnesota orthodontics team is ready to help you create and maintain the smile of your dreams with some of the most advanced treatment options available today.

Eat Better, Feel Better

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