Effects of Vaping on Teeth

Vaping is the new hip and trending way to get away from cigarettes without giving up the habit entirely. People of all ages are either switching to vaping after a lifetime of smoking cigarettes or they are just taking up the habit to have something fun and interesting to do. With all of the delicious flavors and cool machines, it’s no wonder that so many people are tempted to try vaping to experience what others are raving about. The Effects of Vaping on Teeth are profound. Read on for the full lowdown.

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What Is Vaping?

Vaping involves the use of a battery, tank, coil, and e-juice. Combined, the machine will heat up the coil and juice, thus allowing the person to puff on the machine and fill their lungs with vapor rather than smoke. The vapor is then exhaled through the mouth and nose until the person takes another puff off of the device. E-liquid is made with propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin.

While these ingredients sound natural enough, they have a series of side effects and the vaping itself can have a pretty big impact on your teeth and the way that they look. Because of this, it is important to be aware of what vaping is doing to your teeth and why vaping can affect our teeth for the worse.

Does It Affect Your Teeth?

You might assume that because vaping does not contain any tobacco products, it is a lot safer for you than a traditional cigarette. However, there are many side effects of vaping that can be a real problem when it comes to the health and appearance of your teeth. By understanding the causes of these problems, you can avoid vaping altogether, kick the habit and reverse the damage that has been done.

Just because vaping is not a tobacco product does not mean that it will not have an impact on your teeth in a negative manner. Once you understand how problematic vaping can be for you, it is time to get rid of your machine and visit your local orthodontic provider.

Why Vaping Can Affect Our Teeth

There are several ways that vaping can affect your teeth. First, many e-juice products contain nicotine, which is well known to constrict blood vessels and cause gum recession. This gum recession can cause loose and wobbly teeth as well as gum disease. Even if you go with low-strength nicotine, chances are good that you’ll still experience the blood vessel constriction that can cause these issues.

Another reason vaping is bad for your teeth is that of the machine itself. Think of vaping the same way that you would a child using a pacifier. Over time, the teeth begin to bow out because of the constant sucking motion. This can also be caused by your vaping device, especially if it is used regularly. The teeth in the front may begin to bow out and give a flared appearance, which can only be fixed by going to an orthodontist and beginning treatment. For long-time vape users, they may find that orthodontic work is the only way for them to restore the beauty of their smile thanks to years worth of vaping.


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Reasons to Stop Vaping

The main reason to stop vaping is that it can be harmful to your teeth and smile. Not only can it affect the way that your smile looks and cause years worth of orthodontic treatment, but it can also cause gum disease and oral health issues. While vaping is a better alternative to smoking, it is still quite harmful to your smile and gums and this is why you need to consider stopping vaping as soon as possible.

Thankfully, many people have found that quitting vaping is far easier than quitting smoking, so it shouldn’t be as big of a problem to kick the habit. If you are having issues getting rid of this habit, there are many options available to you and it is important that you talk your local support group to find out what can work for you in order to regain control of your smile and oral health.

What Will Happen If I Keep on Vaping?

You might be wondering, “What will happen if I keep on vaping?” If you are using an e-juice that contains a high amount of nicotine, you may experience gingivitis and gum disease later on in life as well as orthodontic issues that cause a flared look to your front teeth.

While switching to a non-nicotine version of e-juice is recommended, this doesn’t get rid of the fact that the device can cause severe orthodontic issues later in life, which requires the use of orthodontic appliances. However, despite the need for these appliances, they can be easily applied and done through your local office. It does not hurt to contact the office to set up an appointment for a consultation for yourself.

Effects Vaping can have on your teeth and gums

Is There Any Chance That My Teeth Can Be Fixed?

If you’re asking yourself, “Is there any chance that my teeth can be fixed?” The answer is yes, your teeth can and will go back to normal. The first thing to consider is going to your local orthodontist to see what they are able to do for you. They will be able to put you on a treatment program that is specifically meant for you to get your teeth looking their best.

Talking to Your Local Orthodontist

If you’ve been vaping for a while and are ready to get back to the smile that you once loved, it is important to talk to your local orthodontist. They will begin the process by taking x-rays of your teeth to determine the best course of action for your smile. This ensures that your teeth look their best and that you can reverse years worth of damage from vaping on a routine basis. They can also help when it comes to quitting vaping for good so that you can prevent future damage.



If you need more information on vaping, its effects on your teeth as well as how to make an appointment, be sure to contact our orthodontic office to find out more. Dr. McDermott will be more than happy to help out with reversing the damage and getting your smile back to its former glory.

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Effects of Vaping on Teeth