Famous People with Braces

Famous People with Braces. Many adults are hesitant to get braces, thinking that they are only for kids and teenagers. They often worry that braces will make them look immature or childish. While it is true that most people get braces during their adolescent years, many adults realize their need for straighter teeth and get braces well past their twenties.



Not only do many adults wear braces, but some of those adults are even celebrities. If you are concerned that all eyes will be on you, these celebs with braces literally have millions of people watching them every day. Happily, they all flaunt their teeth-wear with pride, sometimes even using it as a fashion statement.

In case you are still unconvinced, here is a list of 10 famous braces wearers. You may be surprised at how many faces you recognize!

Tom Cruise Had Braces

The daring protagonist of Mission Impossible waited until he was 40 to get his braces. After starring in blockbusters like Top GunBorn on the Fourth of July, and Jerry Maguire, he got fixed braces in 2002. He famously wore them to the premiere of Minority Report, and no one questioned his good looks then!

Cruise reportedly had a crossbite. His decision to address this orthodontic issue proves that even at 40 is not too late to take care of your teeth.

Kate Middleton Had Braces

With the public eye constantly on her and her fashion choices, having a nice, natural smile is a necessity for the Duchess of Cambridge and future queen of England. Reports in 2011 claimed that Kate opted for a form of invisible braces affixed to the back of her teeth. This procedure gently straightened her teeth over several months. If the royal family needs the orthodontist, the rest of us surely do as well!

Katherine Heigl Had Braces

Katherine is undoubtedly one of the most attractive models and actresses in Hollywood. She has starred in Grey’s Anatomy and rom-com’s like 27 Dresses. But she also joined the ranks of celebs with braces in 2007, admitting that she got Invisalign in preparation for her wedding to singer Josh Kelley. She was 29 at the time.



Gwen Stefani Had Braces

One of the most well-known of the famous braces wearers is Gwen Stefani, who made her rise to fame without straight teeth. After winning acclaim in the nineties as the lead singer of No Doubt, she was quick to fix her teeth.

Gwen actually loved the look of braces and purposefully chose them as a fashion statement rather than selecting a subtler option like Invisalign. As a child, she was never able to afford braces, so they were one of the first things she spent her new-found riches on.


Although she didn’t actually need braces, Beyoncé wanted to show support for her fans that had corrective appliances for their teeth. So in 2011, she wore braces for a day. She happily took pictures with many fans over the course of the day, proving that no one, even an adult celebrity, should be ashamed to wear braces.

Celebs Who Rocked Bracefaces

Nicholas Cage Had Braces

As an actor who takes his roles very seriously, Cage unbelievably had two teeth extracted in 1984 in order to play Al in Birdy more authentically. Since then, he has undergone several orthodontic procedures to repair his smile, including a veneer implant.

In 2003, the actor had silver braces on his lower teeth at the Annual Writers Guild awards. At 39 years, he was a similar age to Tom Cruise when he joined the lineup of famous adults with braces.

Faith Hill Braces Had Braces

The 45-year-old singer sported her braces at the Country Music Awards in 2012. She was even willing to chat with the press about them, revealing that two of her daughters also had braces at the time. Clearly, she was setting the example of wearing braces with positivity!

Hill admitted that she had worn braces while growing up, but never wore her retainer. By her forties, her teeth had shifted to a crooked formation. She publicly cautioned kids to wear their retainers, and presumably, that warning went to her own kids as well.

Faye Dunaway Had Braces

If the forties seems a bit late to get braces, just look to Faye Dunaway, who began wearing them at 61. She was actually inspired by Tom Cruise, who got his around the same time. Like Hill, she neglected to wear her retainer after having braces early in life. She acknowledged to the press that it was important to fix the problem, even later in life. Her image now is even more glamorous.

Khloé Kardashian Had Braces

No list of celebrities would be complete without a Kardashian, and it so happens that Khloé had her teeth straightened in 2013. Although her teeth were only slightly crooked, she wanted that flawless smile. In accord with her beauty-conscious image, she opted for Invisalign.

Like Katherine Heigl, she was 29. Her choice to fix her teeth is a great reminder that anyone can find a trip to the orthodontist helpful.

Estelle Had Braces

Before getting braces in 2008 at 30 years old, Estelle had a noticeably crooked set of teeth. She had wanted braces since she was 20, but hadn’t had the courage to take the step. When the possibility of a Grammy came onto her horizon, she had silver braces affixed to get her smile ready.

The singer and rapper were thrilled when her braces came off after a year. She before and after pictures show a tremendous difference. Her smile is now undeniably red-carpet ready!”

As you can see, wearing braces as an adult shouldn’t be concerning. There are many famous adults with braces that prove the importance of fixing your teeth well past adolescence. And unlike a celebrated actor, you don’t have to wait for a break between films.



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