How Do I Fix my Flared Teeth [After Braces]?

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How do I Fix my Flared Teeth After Braces?

Braces and other orthodontic care can be an important part of a healthy smile and mouth. If your teeth are overcrowded, it can lead to problems with self-esteem, talking, eating and doing other normal everyday activities. Unfortunately, many people assume that they can simply go for braces and be done with treatment in a matter of just a few months. In fact, braces are not the only treatment that most orthodontists recommend, as there are other appliances needed such as retainers and spacers to properly correct the teeth. Also, it is not at all uncommon to deal with flared teeth after having braces removed. In order for you to know how to fix flared teeth after braces, you need to speak with your orthodontist on your available options.

What are Flared Teeth?

Flared teeth happen sometimes after your braces were removed. When you smile, you might notice that your teeth stick out a little bit, which causes a flared look. Some people also say that the teeth look a bit horse-like because of the fact that they stick out and flare out beyond what is typical for a normal set of teeth. However, having flared teeth is incredibly typical and normal after having braces removed.

Do Braces Cause Flared Teeth?

Braces put a lot of wear on the natural set of teeth to get them into a more aligned set. Because of this, there is a chance that the teeth will not only move together when wearing braces but move outward as well. This is what causes that flared look, but it is a lot easier to take care of than you might think. A lot of people wonder, “Is a flared set of teeth normal after braces?”, and the simple answer is that yes, it is normal to have flared teeth after getting braces removed, but it is also not something that you have to live with. There are ways for you to get the flared teeth corrected from the same orthodontist you’re seeing to have the work done.

Is a Flared Set of Teeth Normal After Braces?

Having flared teeth is a lot more normal than you might think. The majority of people who go for orthodontic work assume that just because they’re getting braces, their teeth are going to be straight, beautiful and free of any minor imperfections. This simply isn’t true. Even after having braces removed, other orthodontic appliances will need to be worn in order for the flared teeth to be tamed and for your smile to go back to normal without worrying that you are still self-conscious about the way that you look.

How to Fix Flared Teeth after Braces

The vast majority of orthodontic professionals will actually fit you for a retainer in order to get rid of the flared teeth that you currently have. The retainer will do an amazing job of forcing the teeth back so that they do not flare out and cause you to feel bad about your smile. Just because your braces are off and your orthodontist is fitting you for a retainer does not mean that you’re done with all of your orthodontic work. In fact, you may need to go back for several months to have the retainer adjusted before you can finally walk away and feel confident about your smile once and for all.

How Long Does it Take to Correct Flared Teeth after Braces? 

If you’re trying to figure out how long does it take to correct flared teeth after braces, this is totally dependent upon your own unique needs and requirements. For example, some people get their braces taken off and do not experience flared teeth, so they do not need to worry about months of adjustments after having the braces removed. However, it is common to have to go back for fittings every few months so that the retainer can easily and quickly get those flared teeth under control. This means that you’re going to want to visit your orthodontic professional to get fittings for a retainer and adjustments accordingly.

Working with an Orthodontist

It is imperative that you work with a professional orthodontist when getting flared teeth under control. There is a growing trend where people are attempting to do their own braces and orthodontic care at home, but this is incredibly dangerous and can lead to a variety of problems. Alternatively, a lot of people go for braces, have them removed, get their first retainer and then never return to the orthodontist for fittings and adjustments. Over time, they feel bad about their smile despite all of the orthodontic work that was done and may go back to have braces again in the future, which can be annoying and frustrating.

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What to Expect

It’s important not to expect to have a perfect smile after braces are removed. Braces simply straighten the teeth and get rid of overcrowding and crooked dentition, but they do nothing when it comes to pulling the teeth back and can even leave stains and other problems on the teeth themselves. This is why it is important to expect to still make trips to the orthodontist for at least a few months after having braces removed.

Why Braces are Still a Good Option

Just because braces can leave your teeth looking flared, this is not a reason to give up the idea of having orthodontic work done. In the majority of cases, most patients are happy with their smile after braces and the braces can help correct a myriad of different orthodontic problems that might have become a problem for you.

Consulting with a Professional

Once you make the decision to get orthodontic work done, it’s crucial that you contact your local orthodontic office for a consultation appointment. Once you begin to have braces put on and see your smile changing, you’ll wonder why you never thought to have the work done in the past. Now is the time for you to contact the orthodontic office near you by phone or email so that you can get started on your journey to a gorgeous and fulfilling smile that you can feel proud to show off no matter where you go. 

How do I fix my flared teeth after braces?

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