How Does Invisalign Work?

Teeth alignment problems are common in the United States. Malocclusion occurs in many people to a degree that requires orthodontic intervention. Traditional braces used to be the most popular method of treatment out of very few. However, new technologies such as Invisalign have developed, and they give clients the opportunity to try something different. Invisalign gives a favorable alternative to clients who have a unique set of circumstances and preferences. The following is the answer to How Does Invisalign Work? Let’s get going.



What Is Invisalign and How Does It Work?

A lot of people ask, “What is Invisalign and how does it work?” Invisalign is a well-developed system for teeth correction that goes outside of the usual realm of alignment tools. The Invisalign system uses plastic aligners to shift the teeth rather than traditional metal brackets and braces. The aligners are removable, as well.

What makes Invisalign unique is that it consists of a set of aligners of various sizes. The orthodontist assesses the client’s teeth and then takes a perfect mold of them that the lab uses to create the aligners. After the initial Invisalign fitting, the client must change his or her aligners every two weeks to a different size that pulls the teeth together according to the orthodontist’s treatment plan. Over time, these aligners shift the teeth the same way that braces shift them. Many people select this method of alignment correction for themselves.

Who Qualifies for Invisalign?

Invisalign can help many people in the world, but not everyone qualifies for it. The decision of whether to use Invisalign will depend on the person’s mouth and the degree of malocclusion the person has. Invisalign can help with overbites, underbites, gaps, and many other conditions. However, some situations make other methods of treatment more suitable than Invisalign is. An interested person would need to visit a provider immediately to receive an assessment and advice.

What Are the Benefits of Invisalign?

Many benefits come with the choice to use Invisalign for treatment. The most prominent benefit is the discretion that the system provides. The aligners that the lab uses are clear, so only the person receiving the treatment and the orthodontist know that the treatment is active. Many parents choose Invisalign for their teens for this reason. People who work in customer-facing jobs sometimes prefer to use this system for cosmetic reasons, as well.

The plastic aligners are more comfortable with some clients than some of the other treatment methods are. Many people say that they adjusted to the plastic aligners quickly, and they experienced minimal to no discomfort.

Another benefit of using Invisalign is that it is completely removable. Clients are only required to wear their aligners for 22 hours every day instead of 24. That gives them the freedom to eat and drink whenever they desire and still access their teeth for hygiene purposes. They can also remove their aligners for regular cleaning. Treatment with aligners may be shorter than treatment with other methods are. Anything that minimizes the treatment time is good for the client because it gives them hope of receiving a restored smile even faster.


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What Are the Disadvantages of Invisalign?

The only disadvantage to this system of treatment is that not all clients will qualify for it. The good news is that our treatment office has seasoned and knowledgeable orthodontists who can navigate an alternative treatment plan with a different corrective plan that will bring amazing results. Our orthodontists specialize in a variety of corrective solutions and will recommend and use a stellar product even if it isn’t Invisalign. That’s what makes our office different from other alignment care providers in the industry.

Does Invisalign Work for All Teeth?

An interested person may wonder, “Does Invisalign work for all teeth?” A person can get it on their top or bottom teeth individually or get them on the entire mouth. The best method is to do the entire mouth, but finances may restrict the person. In that case, he or she may choose to do one area at a time. That method is acceptable and can work well.

Does Invisalign Work Better Than Braces?

Some people wonder, “Does Invisalign work better than braces?” One method of treatment is not “better” than the other one is. Invisalign complements certain people’s unique situations, whereas another method may not complement it as much. The way that braces and aligners work is very similar, but fundamental differences remain. For that reason, it would not be fair to compare them and then choose a “best” method. The orthodontist can help the client to decide the most suitable method rather than the best method, per se.

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How Long Is Treatment with Invisalign?

Treatment time for Invisalign varies according to a few crucial factors. One factor is the skill of the orthodontist. We’re proud to boast that we have highly experienced orthodontists who have been working with Invisalign patients for years. They always try to choose the shortest but most effective method. The degree of malocclusion will affect recovery time the most. Recovery could be anywhere from nine months to longer than 18 months.

How Much Does Invisalign Cost?

The price of Invisalign can vary just as the treatment time varies. It depends on the payment method the person uses, the length of treatment, the equipment costs, and other factors such as location. Financial specialists are available to help new clients find the most comfortable pricing.

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How Does Invisalign Work?