Fix an Underbite Without Surgery (5 EASY READ FACTS)

An underbite is a type of misalignment that involves the jaw. Is it possible to fix severe underbite without going through surgery? This is with the use of orthodontic devices applied by an expert orthodontist. In this post, we’ll show you how to fix an underbite without surgery. Let’s get going.




People Also Ask…

  • Can an underbite be fixed with braces?

Yes. The braces are tightened over the treatment to allow the movement of the jaw into the correct position.

  • How long does it take to fix underbite with braces?

Treatment time varies. In most cases expect years. An experienced orthodontist will know what your issues are and therefore your treatment needs and timescale.

  • How do you fix an underbite?

You can fix underbites with braces and if the issue is considered severe then surgery is an option.


More Information About Underbites

An underbite is one of the many types of malocclusions or imperfect bites. It happens for a variety of reasons, some of which have nothing to do with any action that the patient did or didn’t do. A common reason for the problem is genetics.

Poor habits add to underbites. Issues such as thumbsucking and bottle feeding can cause issues. Orthodontic patients have many solutions for underbite correction without surgery. Extra methods will emerge as technology continues to get better and better.


Extra methods will emerge as technology continues to get better and better.


The Benefits of Underbite Treatment

Undergoing underbite treatment can benefit a person in many ways. Bite correction is one of the most prevalent benefits for such a person. Correcting the bite will help the individual to chew all his or her food well. This will improve the digestive process.

Having the underbite fixed can cut down on instances of dry mouth. Not to mention halitosis and cracked lips that may occur in severe cases. Furthermore, the procedure will help to restore the person’s self-confidence. That self-confidence will restore a desire to connect with other people.


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Is it Possible to Fix my Severe Underbite Without Surgery?

Some of them don’t like the idea of having a surgical procedure done, especially on the jaw. First, you need to have a full examination. Then the orthodontist can answer the question. He will have to determine whether the underbite is a severe case. If not, then non-surgical treatment is effective enough to resolve the issue.

Sometimes overbites happen from the teeth pushing out of alignment. This is from something like thumb sucking. A thumb-sucking case would be a great candidate for a non-surgical procedure. The problem is only the teeth and not the jaw.

Someone who has an inherited issue is likely to have had a protruding jaw. Again, if it’s severe, the surgical option may be necessary. but doing so may need a jaw surgery procedure to achieve the greatest straightening.


Surgical Solutions

The surgical solution is a complex process. It involves separating the rear of the jaw from the front. Then trying to reposition the part that houses the lower teeth. The entire process may take longer than a year to complete.

Non-surgical methods may take even longer than that. The two-part surgical method has a high probability of fixing the underbite. Yet, it’s only necessary for the most severe cases.

Many patients qualify for an alternative corrective method. and may not have to get the surgery. The orthodontist’s skill will see significant results from a non-surgical method. A talented orthodontist can create a plan that works.


Non-Surgical Treatment Options

Some people ask about alternative treatment methods for an underbite. There are many options. One option is an upper jaw expander device. It’s a device that the patient wears and adjusts each night. So that it makes the top jaw widen to close the bite.

Another option is a face mask or headgear device. These devices pull the upper jaw back to correct the alignment problem. Many people desire to use a more discreet corrective method. In that case, braces can definitely help.


Can I Fix an Underbite Using Braces/Invisalign?

The answer is YES. Because the client will have a lot of options from which he or she may select. Traditional braces can help to fix the problem because they are sturdy and reliable. Damon braces are another option. They have self-ligating properties which make it possible to avoid seeing the orthodontist. Less tightening equals fewer visits.

Ceramic braces are tooth-colored. They’re for people who have cosmetic issues with the traditional option. Lingual braces can help fix the issues for someone who is a little shy about having braces on the teeth.

Invisalign is an innovative option that allows you to wear clear plastic aligners. Invisalign is comfortable, discreet and removable for eating and cleaning. A wealth of options is available. A reputable orthodontist can make any of those options work for a person.



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There is hope for successful treatment of your underbite. Dr. McDermot has worked miracles on many patients. Moreover, you can have the highest level of confidence in his ability. And look forward to the gorgeous smile.
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