The Importance Of Wearing Retainers After Treatment

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The Importance Of Wearing Retainers After Treatment

Unfortunately, everyone wasn’t born with a perfect smile. Many children are born with an overbite, and underbite, crowded teeth, or gaps in their teeth. This is where braces and Invisalign can help. When you take your child to the orthodontist for either of these treatments, your child will need to wear them for a year or more. Once the treatment is over, it isn’t the end. Once the braces and Invisalign come off, your child will be fitted with a retainer. Not every child gets the same retainer schedule. It depends on the child and their treatment provider’s recommendation. Regardless of the instructions that you receive, you should make sure that your child wears their retainer as directed. There are several reasons that it is so important.


Will The Retainer Stabilize the Teeth in Their New Position?

Your child’s teeth are held in place by a set of ligaments that resemble a hammock. The bone that surrounds the ligaments is movable. This is what made it possible for your child’s treatment to straighten out their teeth in the first place. This also means that it will take a while before the bone and the ligaments can become stabilized in their new position. The retainer will help stabilize the teeth in place permanently. Without the retainer, the teeth will not have a chance to stabilize in the proper position.

Can the Teeth Go Back to Their Original Position?

Orthodontic procedures can be very expensive. After your child has completed your treatment, the last thing that you want is for your child’s teeth to go back to their original position. Because your child’s gum tissue has memory, this is very possible. If they wear their retainer as directed, there is little to no chance of the teeth moving back to their original position, which would require additional orthodontic treatment. When you make sure that your child is wearing their retainer as directed, you will save money on additional orthodontic expenses.

How long will I have to wear my retainer?

The good news about wearing a retainer is that your child won’t need to wear it forever. In the beginning, they will need to wear it often. Some kids are required to wear their retainer at all times except when they are eating and brushing their teeth. Some kids are only required to wear their retainer at night. Over time, however, the teeth will remain in their proper position permanently, and they won’t need to wear the retainer anymore. The more often your child wears their retainer, the sooner they won’t need to use it at all.

What are the different types of retainers?

Years ago, the only types of retainers consisted of pink plastic and wires. These retainers weren’t every appealing to kids. This is part of the reason that children didn’t want to wear their retainers. After a year or more of orthodontic treatment, most kids don’t want to start wearing another unattractive treatment device. Today, retainers come in a variety of colors and patterns that are much more appealing to kids. You can even get your child a clear retainer so that if they are supposed to wear them during the day, nobody will know. This option is very appealing for teenagers. If you are worried that your child won’t abide by their retainer instructions, you can have a thin wire bonded to the inside of their teeth. This way, you won’t need to worry about your child taking their retainer out and you can be sure that they are always wearing it. This will save you the cost of starting your child’s orthodontic treatment over again or buying them a new retainer if theirs stops fitting.

Can the retainer stop fitting?

If your child stops wearing their retainer for a certain period of time and then one day they decide to start wearing it again, the chances of it not fitting anymore are great. This is because the retainer is designed specifically to fit your child’s mouth the way that it is right after they finish their orthodontic treatment. If they don’t wear their retainer, their teeth will shift to the point that they can no longer get their retainer in their mouth again. If this happens, your child would need to be fit with a new retainer and they would have to start the entire process over. This can result in the child wearing the retainer much longer than originally expected and it can be very expensive for the parents. Even if their dental insurance covered the first retainer, it won’t cover a replacement.

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