What is the True Cost of Invisalign?

How Invisalign Works

Whether you are considering orthodontic tooth movement for yourself or your teen, you may be considering Invisalign.  Dr. McDermott has such extensive experience with this technique that he is able to offer Invisalign as an alternative to braces to resolve any orthodontic concerns for almost every patient with permanent teeth. In our offices, Invisalign aligners are generally worn for the same period of time as braces.  The best way to find out if Invisalign is the best option is to discuss it with Dr. McDermott. There is no difference in cost to patients for both adults and teens.

The Wonders of Invisibility

Invisalign is a practical alternative that involves the use of clear aligners that are specifically tailored to fit the patient’s needs. The customization of the tooth movement of each tooth is directly controlled by Dr. McDermott, so just like any orthodontic appliance such as braces or expanders, the same appliance can yield different results based on the philosophy and experience of the treating doctor.

Once Dr. McDermott has finalized your treatment plan, aligners are custom-ordered to gently bring teeth into alignment. Every two weeks, a new set of aligners will be worn. Periodic exams are necessary every six weeks in order to check progress and to make any adjustments. Treatment time will depend on the amount of correction that is necessary; and there are now ways to have treatment go faster such as Acceledent. When these adjuncts are combined with an orthodontist with extensive experience in Invisalign such as Dr. McDermott, most patients can be finished with treatment yielding excellent results in about a year.

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Average Cost of Invisalign

We can give an approximate price but be aware that each individual case is different. The price will be dependent on how severe the existing orthodontic problems are, and how long the treatment is expected to take to correct the problem.

In general, the price range is from $3,500 to $8,000. This cost of treatment will be determined by the number of aligners the wearer will need over the course of the treatment. Compare this to the typical cost range for braces of $2,500 to $6,000 and you see the premium built-in for having the clear alignment option.

In either case, many patients purchase orthodontics via a combination of insurance and installment payments that are affordable for them. It is best to consult the office to have your payment options analyzed and laid out for you.

Treatment Options

Watch out for the different types of Invisalign treatment. There is a multitude of levels to consider:

  • Full
  • Lite
  • i7
  • Express
  • Teen

Always consult with your expert as to which type of treatment is most beneficial to you as costs vary considerably.

Payment Options

  • Health savings accounts (HSA)

An HSA also lets you take out pretax dollars from your salary and set them aside to be spent only on healthcare costs. There are two differences between an FSA and an employer-sponsored HSA are: Funds in an HSA can roll over into a new year, and HSAs require you to have a high-deductible insurance plan.

  • Payment plan

Many doctors offer monthly payment plans so that you don’t have to pay your whole bill at once. When you ask your dentist about how much money they estimate your orthodontic work will cost, also ask about any payment plans their office offers.

  • Flexible spending accounts (FSA)

FSAs are only available through an employer offering that option. Many employee benefits packages include an FSA. They are often simple to use with a debit card attached to your own account.

  • Upfront in full

Often, the practice will give you a discount if you pay upfront. 

Cost of Invisalign

Dr. McDermott has extensive Invisalign experience. In addition, patients are able to take advantage of the same flexible financing options regardless of the method they choose for their orthodontic tooth movement, making this an affordable option for orthodontic treatment. With the use of insurance plans and flexible spending plans, Invisalign can be an affordable way to get a beautiful smile.

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Cost of Invisalign

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