Life With Braces

Your smile opens doors to opportunities. When you flash those pearly whites, you welcome people in and attract them to you. Your teeth can be a magnet. However, orthodontic problems can make you want to hide your smile. Whether you have an issue with crowding, too much space, or issues with your bite, it may be time to consider a life with braces. Thanks to the many advances in the field of orthodontics, there is no time like the present to get the smile you have always wanted. You have plenty of options that are waiting for you.

Find Out About Your Choices When It Comes to a Life with Braces

Life with Braces - Beautiful Smiles in MNGone are the days when you could only have a mouth full of metal for orthodontic treatment. While traditional braces with metal brackets and wires are still an option, you have many other alternatives available to you today. You can opt for braces that are worn behind the teeth (lingual braces) or clear brackets (Damon Clear). Clear aligners such as Invisalign and Invisalign Teen are also extremely popular. They involve wearing removable aligners that are made from a durable, medical-grade plastic. They are practically invisible, can be taken out during sports or special events, and have the same amount of treatment time as other types of braces. Explore your options and take a step toward getting the smile you want.

The Benefits of Braces: More Than a Beautiful Smile

Choose to have orthodontic treatment and you’ll do more than enhance your smile. When you experience life with braces, you will reap the rewards. It will be easier to maintain a oral hygiene regimen when your teeth are properly aligned. You can avoid problems with TMJ disorders that stem from a bad bite. Braces can help you to steer clear of sleep apnea, a serious sleep disorder that results from a blocked airway. When your teeth are not in their proper position, this can actually obstruct your airway at night. Correct your teeth through orthodontic treatment to improve your overall well-being!

Take a Step in the Right Direction

It’s time to do something about your teeth. Visit McDermott Orthodontics to learn more about how Dr. Mike McDermott can help you get the smile you always dreamed of.

Make an appointment with McDermott Orthodontics, serving Brainerd, Delano, Pequot Lakes, and Baxter, MN. When you set up a consultation, you can discuss your concerns. The first step will be a thorough evaluation. From that point, Dr. McDermott will create an orthodontic treatment plan that is custom-made for you. You can have something to smile about with help from the skilled professionals at McDermott Orthodontics.

Life With Braces

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