Never, Ever, Ever Give Up

Never, Ever, Ever Give Up

It Is Never Too Late to Straighten Your Teeth

If you are an adult who missed out on orthodontic treatment as a teenager, then it isn’t too late to straighten your teeth. The most important thing is to avoid giving up when you are seeking help for your malocclusions. Schedule an appointment with an orthodontist who understands how to care for an adult’s teeth. An orthodontic examination is easy because it involves collecting medical images that are analyzed by a computer software program. You can see how your teeth will look after undergoing treatment with aligners or braces. To determine what type of orthodontia you require, you must understand if you have mild, moderate or severe malocclusions.

Adults Have a Variety of Choices For Their Orthodontic Treatment

Adults with minor misalignments can wear Invisalign aligners that are removable. However, you must wear the devices as much as possible, including throughout the night. You can remove the aligners while you are eating or performing oral health care. If you follow your orthodontist’s recommendations, then you can straighten your teeth with aligners in only one year. If you have severe malocclusions, then you should wear braces, but this treatment can require up to four years. While that might seem too long, you should never give up trying to fix your smile.

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Dr. Michael McDermott is an orthodontist who offers treatments for adults at his facilities in Minnesota. You can learn more about orthodontic treatments by visiting one of these offices:

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Adults can wear several types of orthodontic devices, including:

• Ceramic, Damon System or metallic braces
• Invisalign clear plastic aligners
• Retainers to keep teeth in place

Call McDermott Orthodontics today to schedule your free consultation to learn more about the AcceleDent Aura device.