Do Orthodontic Braces Cause White Spots on Patients’ Teeth?

Orthodontists are the dental specialist that specializes in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of facial and dental irregularities. They help in straightening the jaws and aligning teeth, jaws, and bites. Many people tend to confuse orthodontists and dentists, but in a real sense, they are two different professions. For patients with acute dental problems, it is important to seek help from orthodontists. They complete another training at the university after completing the standard general degree. 



Do Orthodontic Braces Cause White Spots on Patients’ Teeth?

There are two different kinds of white spots. Genetics, nutrition, and excessive intake of fluoride causes white spots on teeth braces. Excessive intake of fluoride causes a healthy condition called fluorosis. There is little one can do concerning these white spots especially if they are genetics. However, one should practice a healthy diet, good personal hygiene, and common, predictable ways of avoiding white spots on teeth braces. 

Orthodontic white spots on teeth after braces lesion seem as little white cavities that negatively impact people’s smile when one has achieved so much in orthodontic braces treatment. The white spots on teeth after braces are commonly caused by a plague, which will build upon the teeth. It will cause decalcification or sometimes the loss of hard minerals in the teeth. Preventing this disease in the teeth is essential because the bacteria in this plaque produce a dangerous acid that will start to dissolve the mineral surface of the teeth. The risk of getting white spots on teeth is greater such that the patient will not go without orthodontic braces treatment. 

For example, orthodontic braces treatment in Memphis dental care is a simple process. Before the treatment, a doctor will have a series of examinations of the patient and discuss with one the potential option of the treatment. This procedure usually takes like thirty minutes. The records might include X-rays or impression for the doctor to use in developing an appropriate orthodontic treatment. Treatment may take many months depending on the nature of the problem. The doctor will administer any of the following treatments depending on the patient’s option. 

  • Invisalign

The doctor will also carry out orthodontist treatment using Invisalign. It is the ideal alternative way of traditional braces. The doctor uses a series of custom made aligners and a set of the apparent total that will move the tooth into the right position. They are invisible, easy to remove and very comfortable to wear for many special occasions. It is very suitable for people who do not need actual orthodontic treatment but want to look and feel good. 

  • Endodontics

This kind of treatment is also known as the root canal. It is among the successful dental procedures that will enable the patient`s teeth healthy. These are typical traces when the tooth has an injury or decay. When the tooth has decay, it can be easily infected and sometimes lead to tooth loss, severe pain, and abscess. 

  • Periodontal therapy

This method is suitable to treat the gums infections that are caused by bacteria in plaque. Gum disease or periodontal diseases attack the gums, bones, and ligaments. The early symptoms of gum diseases are puffy gums and bleeding when brushing. 

  • Bonding

It is the simplest and non-invasive procedure. This method is used to close the small gaps in the tooth to improve the color of a particular tooth. It is used to replace the otherwise expensive porcelain. The patient should not hesitate in asking the doctor if they need bonding as an option. 

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The complete or partial denture can be fabricated to patients’ teeth if they are missing many. The patients may have the teeth weakened or tooth decay or periodontal diseases. Complete dentures are done during the removal of the tooth and replacing the new one. The patient does not have to go for some time without the tooth. 

The doctor will properly care the patients’ teeth with white spots on teeth after braces. The doctor will advise on proper techniques that are imperative in maintaining the overall health of the teeth. The overall health that the doctor gives in a combination of in-office and home care is: 

  • Keeping teeth clean

This is done by brushing the teeth twice a day. Also, it entails flossing daily to prevent the build-up of the plaque between brackets and teeth. People should take a minimum of five minutes while brushing the teeth to remove all the plaques that are starting to form in the teeth. The doctor recommends visiting the doctor every 3-6 months to check for the oral hygiene of the teeth. 

  • Seal your teeth

Apart from using fluoride to flourish the teeth, there is a product called Opal seal. The Opal seal contains sealant that covers the whole enamel and prevents white spots from forming in the teeth. Opal seal comprises a small percentage of fluoride.

  • Use extra fluoride

This is dental care in the office. They are used in coating the teeth to protecting the teeth from braces and rebuild the enamel. Fluoride varnish used only by orthodontists during the treatment. Every visit the doctor reapplied it in the teeth. Sometimes when the white spots are aggressive, the doctor recommends the patient to use it at home after brushing to keep the teeth healthy and strong. 

  • Using an electric brush

This type of brush provides an extract vibration that helps in loosening the plaque. It also makes it easy for a patient to clean the teeth thoroughly. The doctor will recommend the particular type of electric brush that is suitable for one. This will help in improving ways to brush the teeth. 

  • Using a water flosser

Water flosser assists in removing debris and plaque in the teeth where it is difficult to reach when using the regular brush. Typically every orthodontic patient has used many water pick typical on how much using the water flosser is good for the teeth. 



The doctor will also give patients who smoke guidance and counseling to prevent them from smoking. The entire team of staff is dedicated to using the latest techniques through attending workshops, seminars, educational courses, and conferences. The clinic partners with other orthodontist doctors to produce quality results for the patients. All the services and treatment will benefit the patient’s teeth in the lifetime. Patients can use the clinic’s website to contact the doctor. 

Do Orthodontic Braces Cause White Spots on Patients’ Teeth?

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