Every plain wall deserves a piece of work, so why not cover it with a smile? – Shawn Lukas

smileEvery plain wall deserves a piece of work

Shawn Lukas knows good art starts with a smile. McDermott Orthodontics, based in Baxter, Minnesota, provides top-of-the-line orthodontic services for clients with a multitude of orthodontic issues. Dr. McDermott and the other members of the McDermott Orthodontics care team are highly experienced, friendly, and professional orthodontists who are passionate about making your smile perfect. At McDermott Orthodontics, you may choose or be recommended a certain type of brace depending on your preferences or situation.

Types of Braces

  • Damon
  • Metal
  • Ceramic

Another popular option available is Invisalign. Invisalign offers teeth-straightening without permanent wires. The aligners can be removed and are far less noticeable than traditional braces. In addition to helping fix crowding and spacing issues, Invisalign may even improve overbites or underbites, depending on their severity.

During your first appointment, you’ll be introduced to the team as well go through an initial orthodontic assessment. This orthodontic assessment includes taking pictures with an x-ray and giving special impressions of your teeth that will assist your orthodontist in determining and remedying your alignment issues. An orthodontic care plan is formulated for and your doctor will discuss it with you in detail, as well as payment options you will have available to you throughout the process.

Common Problems

After your orthodontist discusses it with you, you may find that you have one of the following very common orthodontic problems.

  • Teeth with larger than normal gaps between them
  • Teeth which overlap each other or are too close together
  • Teeth that extends outwards an abnormal amount
  • Bottom set of teeth stick out further than your top set, or underbite
  • Top set of teeth stick out further than your bottom set, or overbite
  • Teeth do not meet each other, leaving an open space with difficult to chew food
  • Teeth are not aligned cross-way or crossbite

Schedule an Appointment Today

To learn more about orthodontic treatment, contact McDermott Orthodontics in Minnesota to schedule an appointment. Dr. Michael McDermott offers free consultations at several locations, including:

• Delano – 763-972-4444
• Pequot Lakes – 218-568-5600
• Brainerd – 218-829-1630
• Baxter – 218-829-1630

Our orthodontist has been providing examinations to adults, teenagers, and children for over 15 years, using these devices:

• Damon System – made with self-ligating brackets
• Ceramic Braces – color-matching brackets
• Invisalign – aligners made from durable clear plastic

At our orthodontic office, patients are fitted with aligners after we use the iTero scanner to create molds. Our patients can also request an Acceledent Aura device to use at home to reduce their treatment time. Call us today to schedule your free consultation at McDermott Orthodontics.