Power Chains for Braces (9 QUICK FACTS FOR MOM)

We have all heard of braces. It is reasonable to assume you know what they look like and do. But have you thought about devices to aid the movement of the teeth? The things that give braces their power. Rubber bands are essential to connect the brackets to the wires. Orthodontists have a secret weapon in this regard. POWER CHAINS. They are the same as the old-fashioned ‘O’ ring. But better. In this post, we’ll take you through power chains and what they do. Let’s get powering.


power chains



What are Power Chains Exactly?

In short, power chains are O-shaped rubber bands linked together to form a chain. Just like a chain you’d lock a bike up with. But tiny. An ortho can choose to use them alone or combine them with normal ‘O’ ring or even not use them at all. Your individual case will govern what bands are used.

In cases where the malocclusion is severe, the ortho may even use wire power chains. This means the wire is used instead of rubber.


Why use Power Chains?

The treatment may need helping along. After all your bones are tough and resetting teeth needs expert hands. The power chains will help reduce treatment time and produce results faster than when using ‘O’ ring rubber bands.

A good gauge to know if you need power chains is if you have had extractions. If you have then you’ll need power chains. The chains will be used for the whole duration of treatment too. They act as a force giver, allowing you and the orthodontist peace of mind the process is going as it should.


Do Power Chains Hurt?

Yes and no. After having the first installation you will know they are there. It will be alien and the force provided will make your jaw and mouth ache. Pain is relative. Discomfort may be all you get. Either way, you’ll need to eat soft food after installing and tightening.




What Sort of Bands?

The bands can come in bright color if you fancy. You can change the color whenever you have them replaced. Choose whatever color means something to you. A fave sporting team or lipstick color. Also, consider your diet. If you smoke or drink wine you may like to opt for a silvery color, that way the stains show up less.


How Long Does it Take?

That depends on the severity of your issues. Six months normally considered the least amount of time for braces treatment. You may be able to finish in weeks if it is just aesthetic. The time may seem long, but in some cases take 3 years. The power chains will work hard to reduce that.  They are like silent helpers in your mouth.


Do They Cost More?

Nope. Power chains are included in the price. If they are not, then question why.


Can I Clean Power Chains?

Yes. Follow the routine for cleaning you have agreed with your ortho. This is a hard and time-consuming process. Get used to it.


Is my Age a Concern?

No. Power chains can be used if the orthodontist deems it necessary. The use is regardless of age.




If you maintain good oral health techniques, it’s likely that your power chains will help your treatment and will result in a robust smile. We understand what it takes to keep treatment as effective as possible. We also know how successful treatment can be for a smile of your dreams.

Whether you want to obtain a full orthodontic perfection, we can advise you. Get in touch with our orthodontic office today to schedule your first appointment with Dr. McDermott.

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