What is an Orthodontist?

orthodontist check up patientIs an Orthodontist Different from a Dentist?

Orthodontics is a specialty field in dentistry. An orthodontist must complete an additional three years of education after becoming a dentist. They gain clinical experience because they are required to complete a residency program. The responsibilities of an orthodontist include the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of dental and facial irregularities. The exact services provided are dependent on the individual orthodontist.

A general dentist often refers patients to an orthodontist due to their advanced education, training, expertise, and skill regarding specific dental issues. Orthodontists are regulated by the American Association of Orthodontists to ensure the practitioner is well educated in both bio mechanics and oral biology. To help prevent irregularities in the teeth and jaws, children should consult with an orthodontist when they are seven years old.

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girl smiling

Do Orthodontic Braces Hurt?

smiling girl holding umbrella

Do Orthodontic Braces Hurt?

More adults are choosing to get braces than ever before. This may be due to the cost, which has become more affordable for some people, or their health insurance will cover at least part of the cost. Also, orthodontic work has become more widespread and publicly acceptable, especially with the introduction of special products like Invisalign that make braces appear nearly invisible to the casual observer.

Orthodontic research has led to important advances that make this type of treatment safer and more comfortable than previously. Skilled orthodontists treat thousands of patients each year in ages ranging from adolescence to the senior years. One question comes up frequently when orthodontic treatment is discussed: Are braces painful?

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Life with Braces - Beautiful Smiles in MN

What to Expect When Seeing an [Orthodontist]

Seeing an Orthodontistt

If you have never visited an orthodontist then you need to know what to expect. First, you must understand that orthodontic staff know that patients are nervous, especially during the first visit. The staff at an orthodontic office try to make the process comfortable for everyone no matter what their age. There are frequently fun waiting areas with a television or magazines to read. To keep children busy, there is a small playroom with toys, crayons and coloring books. The facility wants to keep teenagers happy by supplying computers with an Internet connection. In most cases, you won’t need to wait long to see an orthodontist because facilities keep patient’s appointment times structured.

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Dr. Michael McDermott - orthodontist

McDermott Orthodontics – The Internet is Undeniable

McDermott Orthodontics - Brainerd

The Internet is Undeniable

Baxter, MN – McDermott Orthodontics, a company specializing in Invisalign services in Baxter, has partnered with a web design agency to produce a brand new website meant to meet the demands of the modern age. The website will be mobile responsive and feature opportunities for the practice to take their marketing.

“The internet is undeniable,” said Michael McDermott, the owner of the orthodontics practice in Baxter. “I believe that adapting is the key to our success, and this new web design is exactly that – adapting to the times. Once everything is up and running, I think it is going to really reflect on our services and how much we care about each patient at my practice.”


The website launch will feature many different topics, including why orthodontists should be seen along with informational articles relating to various services that the McDermott Orthodontics practice will be offering to people in and around the greater area of Baxter. The company will follow a similar strategy that tens of thousands of small businesses are now utilizing successfully across the United States and elsewhere in the world.

That strategy is called content marketing. Content marketing is the process of writing intriguing, informational articles designed to educate a reader on a product or a service before selling them or offering any kind of pitch.

This method of sales and marketing has become extremely effective online and is now being translated handsomely into the offline world as well. In addition, McDermott Orthodontics has decided to go with a mobile responsive design with adaptive elements to capture the more than 60% of web surfers that now utilize the Internet from the convenience of their smartphones.

A Brief History of Orthodontics – McDermott Orthodontics


The trends with smartphones are expected to continue to rise over the coming years. Already many web companies have positioned themselves realizing that mobile traffic is the future. A few months ago Google even updated their algorithm to prefer ranking websites that are mobile responsive over websites that are not yet optimized for smartphones.

McDermott Orthodontics is looking to take advantage of this over their competitors as well by having a well-optimized site that will look visually appealing regardless of which device the site appears on.

The website will be launching in conjunction with this content marketing campaign and the two will build upon each other.

McDermott Orthodontics

A practice specializing in Invisalign amongst other orthodontic services, it has been practicing and serving patients in the greater Baxter MN area. Michael McDermott is the owner and practitioner of the office and graduated from the University of Minnesota with a doctorate in dental surgery, graduating with the highest distinction. The practice is now growing and serving a number of clients in the area.

McDermott Orthodontics – The Internet is Undeniable

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Smiling face

I’ve Never Seen a Smiling Face That Was Not Beautiful!

Smile Quote

All Smiles Are Beautiful

Perhaps you’ve pondered the nature of a smile yourself. Maybe you’ve noticed that people often tell you that you have a beautiful smile that has completely changed the outward appearance of your face. Whatever the case was, understanding why all smiles are beautiful is important.

Reflection of the Soul

A smiling face has such a prominent role in this world because it is an outward reflection of the soul. The human soul and human spirit are two entities that are often difficult to grasp, but they are conveyed to the world through your smile. When you walk around with a smile on your face, you are telling other people that you are happening.

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Fall in Love with a Smile

Smile Quote

You’ve probably heard myriad smile quotes about falling in love before. However, it was not until you received orthodontic treatment in Brainerd that you really began to consider what this smile quote truly means. In fact, you may even have stopped smiling, but now, you should consider the reasons why a smile can act as the catalyst for romance.

Your True Beauty

Your smile is a part of your face, and when people begin romantic relationships, physical appearance generally plays a significant role. However, in the event that your smile is obfuscated, people are not getting a real and complete view of how you look. Therefore, by keeping your smile hidden away, you may have missed your opportunity to find the love of your life.

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“Peace begins with a smile” – Mother Teresa

Smile QuoteYou’ve been told that you need to seek orthodontic treatment, and you’re not too thrilled with that news. However, this treatment is going to improve your smile, and when you fully comprehend Mother Teresa’s profound words in this smile quote, you’ll understand why they’re so important.

Peace with Yourself

When people say to smile for peace, they mean a whole slew of things. However, one of the most important people to find peace with is yourself. The ability to smile with confidence and to know that your teeth look stunning can help to bring you a certain outward peace. Even more so, braces present you with a challenge, and when you can smile despite a challenge, you’ve conquered more than many people have been able to.

Peace with Those Around You

Smiling also helps you to establish peace with other people. It helps to show them that you are in an amicable position with them, but it can also alter their moods. Just think about the last time you were having a really bad day and how difficult it was to maintain that attitude once you saw someone with a tremendous smile on his or her face. Learning how to build all different types of bonds with people often begins with just a simple smile.

Peace at Large

When you make the decision to smile more, you’re likely to notice an effect on your psyche. You don’t want to be the only one who smiles; you want to help the world smile too. Recalling smiles quotes from the wise and revered Mother Teresa helps you to think about the global changes you can participate in to bring a greater sense of joy and peace to others.

Smiling has a great deal to do with peace. Not only can it help you to find your own peace, but it can allow you to bring peace to the world. Improve your smile for peace by scheduling an appointment with McDermott Orthodontics at Delano, MN.

“Peace begins with a smile” – Mother Teresa

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