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Eat Better, Feel Better


Boost Your Mood

A well-balanced diet isn’t just going to help you maintain a healthy weight or keep your orthodontist happy. There are actually certain foods that can alter your mood immediately. For those that have been feeling down in the dumps, here are some changes that anyone can make to their diet in order to tap into the mood-boosting power of food.

Balance Protein and Carbs

Balancing one’s blood sugar levels is the single most effective way to alter your mood with food. Lean carbohydrates such as whole wheat pasta and quinoa will allow your body to produce insulin while protein will keep you feeling full longer. Every single person is different, and this is why it is important to test the right balance for your own body.

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How Can Invisalign Help Straighten Teeth and Boost Self-Confidence

LAST UPDATED: April 24, 2018

How Can Invisalign Help Straighten Teeth and Boost Self-Confidence?

Do you find yourself wondering if people are noticing your teeth when you talk? Have you found that you don’t show your teeth when you smile? Are you struggling to be happy with your smile when you do see your teeth in photos?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you have probably thought about working with an orthodontia provider, discovering how you can straighten your teeth, and deciding whether this is the right choice. Straightening teeth as an adult is an important decision – it will require significant time and monetary investment, and for many adults, they may question whether it is worth it in the long-term, especially given the inconveniences that traditional metal braces can present. Fortunately, you have other options. One of these options, Invisalign, is a modern alternative to traditional orthodontics. If you’re wondering if this treatment option is right for you, read below for more information about how it can help you achieve the perfect smile you’ve been dreaming about!

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Do I Need Braces?

Do I Need Braces?

Whether you’ve seen people wearing braces at the store or in movies, you’ve often wondered why you don’t have them. Perhaps you are thinking about whether or not your kids need to get these pieces of metal on their teeth. Only an orthodontist can fully answer that question. However, some signs exist that may point to your necessity for these devices.

1. All of your adult teeth are in.

If you are considering this reason, then you are probably looking into braces for your children. In general, kids cannot get these devices before their adult teeth are in. If they still have their baby teeth, then the orthodontists do not know what their adult teeth will look like. Also, if the adult teeth start to grow in while the braces are on, major problems can exist. Most children cannot get these devices until they have all of their adult teeth. When adult teeth aren’t growing in at all, another reason must be the cause.

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Orthodontic Fact #11 “In 1000 BC, the ancient Greeks fashioned a catgut or metal strips with goat or sheep intestines to correct teeth deformities. Be thankful that you are living in the 21st century.”


Orthodontic Fact #11 “In 1000 BC, the ancient Greeks fashioned a catgut or metal strips with goat or sheep intestines to correct teeth deformities. Be thankful that you are living in the 21st century.”

It just goes to show that even the ancients had their issues with teeth. They figured out an ingenious way to straighten tooth issues that we have incorporated into our practice. No, we don’t use catgut, goat or sheep intestines. However, because of their ingenuity, we have learned to improve our procedures and techniques.

Learning from the past and improving on it is one of the ways we operate here at McDermott Orthodontics. It is fascinating to note that the metal strips the Greeks used to straighten their teeth are the basis for the metal braces still worn today. It is equally fascinating that most, but not all, the skill set the Greeks acquired by trial and error is being used today.

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Words of Wisdom No.1 “Go On a White-Teeth Diet”

Go On a White-Teeth Diet

The perfect smile is an individual thing because everyone’s mouth and jaw are uniquely shaped. There are general aspects to a spectacular smile, however, and these would include whiteness and straight teeth. Those head-turning assets are within your reach. It doesn’t matter your age, you can still design and achieve the ideal smile. Today’s advancements include modern braces like Invisalign, which straighten teeth quickly, comfortably and discreetly.

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Words of Wisdom No.2 – Chuck Your Toothbrush

toothbrushChuck Your Toothbrush

If you are using an old toothbrush, then it is not removing all of the food debris from your teeth. In addition, an old toothbrush will contain a lot of bacteria that can lead to gingivitis or halitosis. Your orthodontist will tell you to replace your toothbrush every three months, but if a toothbrush’s bristles look frayed, then throw it away before buying a new one. The best way to remember to replace a toothbrush is by marking a date on a calendar, and it is a good plan to buy new toothbrushes for everyone in your family at the same time.

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