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Do I Need Braces?

Do I Need Braces?

Whether you’ve seen people wearing braces at the store or in movies, you’ve often wondered why you don’t have them. Perhaps you are thinking about whether or not your kids need to get these pieces of metal on their teeth. Only an orthodontist can fully answer that question. However, some signs exist that may point to your necessity for these devices.

1. All of your adult teeth are in.

If you are considering this reason, then you are probably looking into braces for your children. In general, kids cannot get these devices before their adult teeth are in. If they still have their baby teeth, then the orthodontists do not know what their adult teeth will look like. Also, if the adult teeth start to grow in while the braces are on, major problems can exist. Most children cannot get these devices until they have all of their adult teeth. When adult teeth aren’t growing in at all, another reason must be the cause.

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