Tooth brushing Mistake No.2: “Not Picking the Right Bristles“

tooth brush bristlesNot Picking the Right Bristles

A surprising number of people don’t know that the type of toothbrush bristles they brush with can have an impact on their oral health. When their old toothbrush wears out, they simply toss it, go to the store, and grab another that doesn’t cost too much. But ask any orthodontist, and they’ll say the type of toothbrush bristle matters.

Modern toothbrush bristles are made out of nylon. An orthodontist would recommend toothbrushes with soft bristles. Some people balk at this because they believe that toothbrushes with medium or firm bristles do a better job of getting rid of debris between the teeth. Though this may seem true, the trade-off is that firm bristles can hurt a person’s gums and the other soft tissue of the mouth.

There are different types of bristles

Bristles that are cup-shaped are made to clean around the teeth. Bristles that are cut on the bias are good for cleaning the sides of the teeth, while long bristles are made to clean between the teeth. Some toothbrushes have all three kinds of bristles.

People who wear braces need to brush their teeth with special care because of the brackets and wires. They also need to use soft bristles and avoid cheap toothbrushes. The metal will just tear them up.

Brushes made for people who wear braces include the orthodontic cut toothbrush, which has a “V” shape when looked at from a certain angle. This is because the bristles in the middle of the brush head are lower than the ones around the edge. Electric and Sonic toothbrushes are also effective for people undergoing orthodontics, as is a special dental brush called the interproximal brush. It also helps to use a rubber-tipped gum messager to remove bits of food before brushing.

People who use the Invisalign system don’t have to worry about special brushes because they can take the Invisalign trays out to brush and floss their teeth.

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Toothbrushing Mistake No.2: “Not Picking the Right Bristles“

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