Tooth Brushing Mistake No.8: “Not Following Up With a Rinse”


It may be hard to believe, but there are mistakes in brushing your teeth that can have a negative impact on dental health. The mistakes are learned in childhood and keep getting repeated until proper oral hygiene is demonstrated and enforced. Sure, that sounds tough, but it is necessary to help keep teeth healthy for a lifetime. A common mistake is not rinsing after brushing, and it includes more than just a water rinse.

Why Rinse After Brushing?

All commercial toothpaste formulations are made to be rinsed away after brushing. The ingredients in toothpaste are not meant to be left in your mouth or swallowed. Silica is a fine grit that is used in toothpaste to polish teeth. It can stay suspended in the pastes and gels and get stuck in crevices in between teeth and in braces. If it hardens, you may need the help of an orthodontist to remove it. Invisalign braces can be fully removed for brushing, but rinsing should still be done to clear tooth surfaces of residual toothpaste.

What to Rinse With After Brushing

The first step after brushing is to rinse with plain water. Slightly warm water may be more comfortable for some people than cold water, especially after brushing with a very minty toothpaste. This should be followed by a fluoride rinse instead of mouthwash. If you use mouthwash, you should use it first before brushing and flossing to kill germs and help dislodge any food particles. This is especially true if braces are present as they tend to hold onto tiny particles of food. Use a fluoride rinse that does not require follow up with a water rinse to help protect tooth surfaces while wearing your latest Invisalign appliance provided by your orthodontist.

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Tooth Brushing Mistake No.8: “Not Following Up With a Rinse”

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