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Top Celebrities with Braces


You want a smile that will make heads turn everywhere you go. You want to light up a room and have pictures that are unforgettable (and of course, gram-worthy). But, you do have a problem right now. Your teeth are holding you back. You don’t have those beautifully aligned pearly whites that can draw people in. You tend to smile with your mouth closed because you are self-conscious about the way your teeth look. Well, good news! You don’t have to blame yourself for this.


Girl wearing red


The dental field provides you with a variety of treatments for you to choose from depending on your case. One of these is orthodontic treatment. Braces can make a difference for you, especially when your concern is of teeth alignment and esthetics. This is an option available for everybody—young and old. It isn’t too late to seek orthodontic treatment. Be inspired by these testimonies from top celebrities and famous people who underwent braces.


Top Celebrities and Famous People with Braces You Didn’t Know About

There is a long list of celebrities with braces as adults. Once you get a glimpse of their teeth before and after, it is surely undeniable. Dwight Howard and Nelson Cruz are great examples of star athletes who didn’t try out braces until they were adults. There are many reasons that people wait and celebrities are no different. Many didn’t have the financial resources in their younger years to fix their teeth. When their circumstances change for the better, they decided to move forward with orthodontic treatment. Fortunately, financing options presented during a consultation with your orthodontist can make braces affordable for everyone.


Faye Dunaway Chose Braces in Her 60’s

Actress Faye Dunaway lit up the big screen with movies like Bonnie and Clyde with the likes of Warren Beatty and Mommy Dearest. If you look back at photos from her younger years, her smile was attractive. However, it changed over time. This is because with aging, the alignment of our teeth changes. If you look at her photos when she began orthodontic treatment, you can see the need for an adjustment. She chose to be proactive by working with her orthodontist of choice.


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Invisalign was the Secret to Oprah’s Successful Smile

Take a look at the queen of television over forty years ago when she was just getting her start. Focus on Oprah’s smile. Compare her pictures today. You’ll see that her top teeth are beautifully aligned now. They weren’t in her youth. Oprah chose a discreet form of orthodontic treatment to get the most out of her smile. She wore an Invisalign clear aligner on her top teeth.

Made from medical-grade plastic that is extremely durable, Invisalign is one of the most popular options for teens and adults because the aligners are not noticeable. They are clear and transparent, making you feel like they are invisible which also helps if you’re conscious of how you look. No one knew Oprah was transforming her smile gradually over time with a little help from her orthodontist.


Gwen Stefani Rocked Out with Braces When She Hit Thirty

Singer Gwen Stefani always wanted beautiful teeth. She would have liked braces in her teen years, but it wasn’t an investment her family could afford at the time. Once she had fame and a string of successful songs, she had the resources to straighten her teeth. She dazzled crowds with metal brackets and wires that glistened brightly every time she performed. She didn’t consider braces as a stumbling block for her to pursue her career. The results speak for themselves today.


Team Up with Your Orthodontist to Transform Your Smile

There is no time like now to transform your teeth in your adult years. The best way to improve your smile is to find an orthodontist you can trust. You need an expert who has been working with patients of all ages for years. You are about to embark on a course of orthodontic treatment that could take two to four years.

Your orthodontist should give you complete confidence as your guide to the latest and best alternatives for you. Successful treatment is a two-way process. Your orthodontist will help diagnose your condition and in return, you need to commit fully to all the post-operative instructions given and faithfully attend follow-up appointments.

The World of Orthodontics is Filled with New Advances

Thanks to new developments in orthodontics, you can look beyond traditional brackets and wires made from metal. Ceramic brackets have gained in popularity, providing patients with the option to have a less noticeable form of orthodontic treatment. Ceramic brackets can be the same color as your teeth or it can also be clear. Your wire can also blend in with your teeth.

Self-ligating brackets are a new type of bracket that can shorten the length of your treatment time. Heat-activated wires are another innovation that applies more tension to your teeth with help from the warmth in your mouth. There are other forms of orthodontic treatment that offer you a fast track to straight teeth, focusing on the top teeth with the Six Month Smile. The only way to find out what is right for you is to turn to your knowledgeable orthodontist.


Begin with Your Consultation Visit

Upon consultation, expect some extra help from medical imagery to look beyond what your orthodontist can see. The next step will be to personalize your orthodontic treatment plan. Your input will be important as well. Honest answers would be highly appreciated. You may ask about Invisalign if you opt for a discreet treatment with clear aligners. If you are looking for fast results, ask your orthodontist about the most efficient way to achieve it. Your orthodontist has a wealth of experience and training that you can tap into as you enhance your smile.


Make Your Smile Shine Like the Stars

Whether you are 20 or 60, you can make changes to your teeth with the help of your orthodontist. Take courage from celebrities who took charge of their orthodontic treatment after fame came their way. You can do the same. Your orthodontist has solutions that will work for you and answers your questions. Look at before and after photos of others like you who wanted a beautiful smile.

Let your orthodontist lead the way. Find out what orthodontic options are available for you, how long you will need to undergo such treatment, and what you can do to speed up the process. Transform your smile, boost your confidence, and help yourself to have healthier teeth. Keep in mind that braces have worked for famous people, and it will certainly do wonders for you, too!



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Top Celebrities with Braces