Veneers or Braces (3 ANSWERS AS TO WHAT IS BEST)

Your smile is the first thing another person will see when meeting. First impressions count for everything these days. Your teeth are a part of your smile. It is important that they impress. If you have a crooked smile or malocclusions, then there are two choices to correct the issue. Veneers will cover the crookedness, but they won’t correct the issue. Braces will correct the issue, but treatment will take time, even years. In this post, we’ll take you through the choice of braces or veneers. Let’s get choosing.



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Braces to Fix Malocclusions

Orthodontic braces are the surest bet to fix your smile. It is a treatment system that will take a set amount of time. This time scale depends on the level of issues that the patient has. Braces in modern times are much less a fussy and painful experience than those of past times. You may have traditional metal and bracket braces. These may also come in ceramic and tooth-colored styles.

The most recent and popular style is aligner treatment. This is where a set of aligners, fitted around the teeth, push the teeth into place. This style means the patient can remove the braces for cleaning and eating. Another type sits the back of the teeth, these are called lingual braces. We’ll go into more detail below.


Wire and Bracket Braces

This is the type used for years. Traditional metal braces stay on your teeth using special cement. Your orthodontist is the only person that should remove them. Once they are on your teeth, you must continue to visit your orthodontic clinic on a regular basis. This is to have them tightened and checked for wear and tear.

After you complete your treatment, they disappear. Then you can see your beautiful smile. Teens and youngsters can get fun colors for the rubber bands and fun shapes for the brackets. This style is suitable for those with issues unfixable by other methods.


Invisalign Aligners

The Invisalign aligner process moves teeth through a very gradual process. This process relies on switching trays. An orthodontist takes a 3D model of a patient’s teeth. Then a treatment plan designed to shift the teeth to a straighter configuration. The aligner trays manufactured with robotic lasers. This creates a custom set of trays that shift from crooked to straight. Every two weeks or so, the patient will change their tray for a straight tray.


Porcelain veneers are wafer-thin shells that cover the tooth. The shell, made of porcelain in a dental lab attaches to each tooth. They are of resin composite, which is a type of plastic. Veneers for crooked teeth are a good route but do not fix crooked teeth. Not to mention will need replacing in the future. The life of the veneers is dependent on the quality of the product. And of course, the expertise of the dental expert fitting them.
If teeth discolor or the enamel wears down, veneers are perfect. Although tooth color and correct shapes are only surface issues. It is important to the person’s self-esteem. Veneers are a great way to feel good about yourself with no invasive procedures needed.


Veneers are a great way to feel good about yourself with no invasive procedures needed.


A veneer can be color-matched to your existing teeth. If you are having all your teeth covered, you can have all the shells made in a lighter color. This gains the same effect as tooth whitening treatments. It is important to note, an orthodontist does not fit veneers only braces.

In terms of fitting, the tooth needs preparing first. The teeth also need cleaning and buffing, which removes a thin layer of the natural tooth. Then, a composite resin veneer placed directly on the tooth with glue. Covering stains and chipped teeth and gaps, they look like a perfect set of gnashers. Hollywood smiles are done with veneers.


The Real Differences

The main difference is that veneers are only a cosmetic treatment. The jaw and tooth alignment are not changed with veneers. With braces, you find the result beneficial to oral health. This means the teeth become easier to clean and floss between.
If your primary goal is to improve function, then braces are a must. An overbite or overjet for example may affect the chewing ability. And cause headaches and facial shape issues. Veneers are good after braces if needed to perfect possible rough tooth surfaces.


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So How Do I Choose?

Consult both a dentist and orthodontist on which methods would suit your needs best. The cost may also be a factor. Both experts will give you a full rundown of the respective treatments. And you can decide on the best route for you after taking into account the above. And any more information the expert provides you.




If you maintain good oral health techniques, it’s likely that your smile will remain perfect. We understand what it takes to keep teeth clean and straight once the braces are gone. We also know how successful veneers can be for the smile of your dreams.
Whether you want to get a full orthodontic perfection or to cover up crookedness, we can tell you. Get in touch with our orthodontic office today. Schedule your first appointment with Dr. McDermott.
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