What Happens Immediately after Removal of Braces?

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What Happens Immediately after Removal of Braces?

You’ve made it through your course of orthodontic treatment with braces. Whether it’s been two years or more, it is such a liberating feeling when those metal brackets and wires finally are removed. You can truly enjoy your beautiful smile with teeth that are properly aligned now that there is nothing to block the view of your pearly whites. You might think that your journey is over, but there is more to come before you can say that your orthodontic work is complete. Your orthodontist will be your guide, pointing you in the right direction as you think about what to do next.

When Do I Remove My Braces?

Waiting for the day to arrive when orthodontic treatment is over is a challenge. You have probably asked your orthodontist many times, “When do I remove my braces?” This especially holds true as you near the finish line. When your orthodontist first placed your braces on your teeth, you were given an estimated timetable for your length of treatment. The final outcome will depend on:

  • Taking good care of your teeth while wearing braces
  • The type of braces you have, such as self-litigating brackets and heat-activated wires
  • How severe was the alignment of your teeth or bite prior to treatment?
  • Have your teeth responded well to your treatment plan?
  • Are you doing your part to ensure your treatment plan is effective?

If there are any bumps in the road along the way while you are undergoing orthodontic treatment, your orthodontist may need to modify your treatment plan or try a completely different alternative. You need to bear in mind that the end result will be worth the wait.

Trust Your Orthodontist’s Judgement

At the end, when your braces come off, it is going to be your orthodontist’s final decision. You can be a part of that decision. If you are pleased with your results, your mouth is really uncomfortable, or you have a special occasion in your near future, you may be able to have your braces removed earlier than anticipated. It’s important to remember that cutting your treatment short, no matter how promising your smile is, could end up in a relapse. The best thing that you can do is be patient and put yourself in the hands of your knowledgeable orthodontist. Your orthodontist is the expert when it comes to the proper position of your teeth, issues with your bite, and the best way to give you an amazing smile. If you want the best possible outcome, you should rely on the professional opinion of your orthodontist.

What Happens after the Removal of My Braces?

Throughout the process of orthodontic treatment, you have been asking questions. That’s not going to stop as you near the end of your treatment and wonder, “What happens after the removal of my braces?” The first step will involve your appointment when your braces are removed. As you lead up to the day your orthodontist is taking off your brackets and wires, be diligent with cleaning your teeth. You might even want to snap a photo of your teeth with braces so you can truly appreciate before and after. It may take up to an hour while you are having your braces removed. The process of removing your braces moves quickly as compared to when they were mounted on your teeth. All it takes is a pair of pliers that are designed to squeeze the bracket. It should pop off of the tooth quite easily. Ceramic brackets tend to come apart upon removal while metal brackets stay in one place. Your orthodontist will use a special tool to scrape the adhesive off your teeth. Your orthodontist will make preparations for your retainer. This may involve a mold, digital imagery, or both to ensure you have the proper fit. Before you have the big reveal and get to see your new smile, your orthodontist may choose to cleanse your teeth to really make your teeth shine. When you look in the mirror, it is such a good feeling to finally see your teeth with nothing blocking your view. You’ll feel like you have a new smile.

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What to Expect after Getting My Braces Off

The question, “What to expect after getting my braces off,” is a concern for every patient. A retainer is a crucial part of your treatment plan. After your teeth have been adjusted with braces, a retainer will ensure that they stay in their new position. If you do not wear your retainer as specified by your orthodontist, your teeth will gradually shift again. You could find yourself back where you started. Your actual length of time with a retainer will vary. As a general rule of thumb, expect to wear it for at least a year. Some orthodontists recommend that you wear your retainer for the same amount of time as you wore braces. Others say you should continue to wear them at night for the rest of your life in order to keep your teeth on track.

Listen to Your Orthodontist’s Advice

Remember that your orthodontist adjusts patients’ teeth every day. This expert in the movement of teeth will be the best resource when you are ready for your retainer. The type of treatment you had, such as Invisalign, traditional braces, or braces worn behind your teeth, will have an impact on how long you will need to wear a retainer. The severity of your issues with your teeth will also play a part in what your orthodontist recommends.

Contact Your Orthodontist Today to Learn More about What You Can Expect after Your Braces are Removed

While you can do your own research and talk to friends who have had their braces removed, your orthodontist is your best source of information. You’ll get a knowledgeable evaluation of your teeth and advice you can count on from the orthodontic specialist who understands your teeth best.

What Happens Immediately after Removal of Braces?

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