Where Did My Orthodontist Go?

We’ve all had that experience of being transferred from one doctor’s office to another, only for them not even to be there when you arrive. You start treatment with the first doctor and before long they disappear without any warning or explanation as to why this happened. Patients often complain end up dealing with three different orthodontists during their two-year treatment. In this post, we’ll take you through why an independent orthodontist is key to oral health success. Let’s get looking.

There was a time when a health consultant or doctor was the same for life. Same with orthodontics, you would see one expert throughout the treatment. Those days are gone, you’d have to travel back 40 years to find that sort of hay day. Below we’ll get into why that has changed and how to find an oral health expert your can keep. 

Working for The Man

Orthodontic care has been on the rise, and corporate dentistry is capitalizing by setting up shops in order to hire new doctors. The centralized headquarters style management allows them to maximize revenue potential while maintaining profits at a minimal cost. 

This strategy benefits both patients who can access quality service affordably as well as businesses seeking a more efficient way of managing their employees or customers’ needs without compromising either party’s preferences

There are a lot of aspiring orthodontists out in the world taking advantage of being able to have hands-on experience under an established practitioner before opening up shop independently. Again down the line when finances permit it then what will happen?

It’s not uncommon for dental students to work with other professionals until they can afford to open their own office, but this also provides opportunities that may help them down the road. 

For instance, orthodontic specialists like oral surgeons and periodontists hire graduates of accredited schools all the time so it is worth checking into who might be a good fit in addition to whom you would prefer being associated with professionally as well personally if possible.

Drawbacks to Corporate Treatment

The drawbacks compared with self-owned practices are numerous. The following are the basic issues. 

  • Changes made without consulting the patient 
  • Possible delays in treatment
  • Less experienced orthodontists
  • No control over the treatment
  • A change mid-treatment to another office location

Private practices offer the assurance that your doctor will be there when needed most, providing you with personalized treatment plans. Private healthcare provides peace of mind knowing they’ll always have time for an annual check-up or during difficult times in life. 

The Personal Touch

Private practices are better in many ways. The personal touch is the most beneficial of all the advantages. The same expert will know your mouth personally and will have an idea and game plan as to the results of your treatment. The expert will also research and plan your treatment so as to attain the fullest benefits of the treatment and the devices used. 

A time schedule that sticks is another. Your expert will know when you need a check-up and the next stage of treatment. This will expedite the time scale and allow for a stress-free time. 


Corporate offices are detrimental to treatment. A good oral expert will know how to deal with any issue you may have. If you maintain good oral health techniques, it’s likely that your smile will become perfect. 

Whether you want to get full orthodontic perfection or to address issues, we can advise you. Get in touch with our orthodontic office today to schedule your first appointment with Dr. McDermott.