Why Orthodontics

Whether you’re a full-grown adult looking for your own treatment or the parent of a child who might need orthodontic treatment, you likely have many important questions. At the top of your list might be the question, “Why orthodontics?” Why is it necessary to see an orthodontist when you could spend your money and time doing any number of other things? This is a fair question, and it’s one with an answer that’s relatively easy to understand. Simply put, orthodontists provide a valuable service that can help you look better and feel better about yourself.

Aesthetic and Self-image Reasons

Orthodontics - Beautiful Smiles in MNPerhaps the most common reasons why people seek out an orthodontist have to do with aesthetics. An orthodontist can provide you with a beautiful smile, aligning the jaw and teeth in such a way that you look like your best self. This can have a profound impact on your self-image. Both for kids and adults, the ability to smile without worry is a predictor of future happiness. You will be more comfortable taking pictures and sharing important moments with the people you love. More than that, you’ll have the confidence to help you through life.

Improvements to Your Professional Life

Many find that they see a marked improvement in their professional life when they seek out orthodontic treatments. Why orthodontics? Because it can help you in the office, in the courtroom, in the boardroom, or wherever you might find yourself. In many jobs today, people have to make appearances on television, in front of a jury, or in conferences, where many interested observers will be tuning in. When you get orthodontic treatment, you’ll have a straight smile that will allow you to connect with these audiences. You’ll be able to walk into the room knowing that people will be drawn to you rather than distracted by a crooked smile.

Health Issues

The reasons for seeking orthodontic treatment are not just aesthetic. There are some health reasons that you should consider, as well. Specifically, many people find that orthodontic treatments can help them prevent gum disease and tooth decay. Straight teeth are easier to clean, and they’re less likely to be painful. Any person who has ever had to struggle through a life full of dental pain can attest to just how important it is to maintain good health. While orthodontics won’t do this alone, it can play an important role.

Ultimately orthodontic treatments can help you feel better and can help to protect your long-term health. Many people today have found that investment pays dividends over the long term. If you are interested in understanding more about orthodontics and why treatments can work for you, then you should contact Dr. McDermott by phone at 218-829-1630 or our Contact page form. By doing so, you’ll give yourself an opportunity to work with a professional who understands your concerns and comes up with solutions to improve both your self-image and your health.

Why Orthodontics?

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