Will My Lips Look Bigger after Braces Removed? (FACTS)

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Will My Lips Look Bigger after I Get My Braces Removed?

“What will braces do to my lips?” This is a common question asked when considering the use of braces. In reality, braces are seen as lifesavers. People who have used it for over a year are the ones who can appreciate their importance over short time users. Braces do not only help provide proper shape to your dental structure, but they also help in shaping peoples careers. Thanks to the professional orthodontists who ensure that the right braces are uniquely placed to patients who need them. They have made people become more fulfilled with their lives with what they do. Gone are the days when wearing braces makes someone feel odd. Celebrities have also been spotted having them on, and people are feeling much better wearing it in the 21st century. 

 The beauty of braces is in their results. Braces will not only help you have a better bite, but it will also help you to get a straight smile. It will also ensure that you have a good teeth alignment that anyone can desire. For this to be done, you will have to spend some money to achieve good results. 


Nowadays, the most endearing asset you can have on your face is your smile. You become more approachable when you smile and it allows you to show how confident you are. However, smiling can also be a problem to some people especially to those who have overbites where their top teeth protrude. 

A mild overbite is not easy to notice, but large overbites can be spotted easily. It makes someone feel uncomfortable to the point of having a desire to change their appearance. Regardless of what type of overbite one has, wanting to go for orthodontic treatments is understandable. In fact, any type of dental correction will definitely affect your facial structure. As for the question, “what will happen to my lips after braces?” Your lips look will depend primarily on your traits; it is important to understand the effects that braces can have on your smile before undergoing treatment. 


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Your Facial Structure After Braces Removed

Your overall appearance is dependent on several facial structures. For instance, your chin and cheeks are defined by the jaw bone. This makes it easy to spot someone’s overbite in their profile images. Your teeth hold your lips in place, and an overbite can easily make your upper lip to protrude, resulting in an uncomfortable feeling. Alternatively, your lower lip may appear to be fuller depending on the degree of the overbite you have. 

Since your appearance is also influenced by other factors, you may consider the fuller lips like a good thing at the end. On the extreme side, a severe overbite can make your lips not to come into contact. People who experience this state must get assistance from an orthodontist to bring back their smile. 


The Importance of Correcting an Overbite 

Different people go for orthodontic treatments with different kinds of beliefs and expectations. On one part, you might be wondering how you will look like with fuller lips after treatment, or you may be too excited about having a perfectly normal smile for the first time in years. Whatever expectations you may have, you need to understand why you want to correct your dental issues in order to appreciate getting braces. 

An overbite affects how you eat, how you speak, and even how you smile. For children, pronouncing some words can be difficult when they have an overbite. This can be corrected by a speech instructor though before doing an orthodontic treatment for the overbite. In adults, the jaw structure can be affected which will lead to issues like a chipped tooth where the top and bottom teeth strike each other while speaking. 

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You might experience difficulty in chewing, and some people usually experience digestion issues because of improper food bites. It is also difficult for people who have overbites to stick to good oral hygiene because it is hard for them to floss, let alone brush their teeth. Also, it is important to note that it is easy for tooth decay and gum disease to manifest later in life when the overbite is not corrected. It is also common to experience an additional jaw pain which can eventually lead to Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) if treatment is not administered. But what are the effects of dental braces on lips? The section below will look into that. 


What Are the Effects of Dental Braces on Lips? 

It is safe to say that the aesthetic issues of your lips can be corrected with an orthodontic procedure. You need to be prepared for any changes that are as a result of the dental procedure. Your orthodontist can help you manage your emotions and expectations in order to remain composed and calm. 

Even though there are tons of images online that show dramatic effects on appearance after orthodontic procedures, you should be advised that these are extreme case-patients. To answer one common query of “what will happen to my lips after braces?” if you have a small overbite, your lips will change, but subtly. On the bright side, you can end up having a bigger and brighter smile after the treatment. 

Keeping the right levels of expectations is important. This is why your orthodontist always ensures that you know the effects that you can and cannot have on your lips when receiving the treatment. 


Common Issues That Can Arise

Before having braces removed, one of the biggest problems that occur with people who have traditional brackets is that they experience pain on the inside of their lip and their cheeks. The second most common problem is a chapped lip. Many people complain about chapping occurring because of the way that the brackets make their mouth expand.

Again, the face has to adjust to the new hardware but the patient can do some things to speed up the process and to help themselves to get through the rough period. The most important thing for a person who is going through this is to avoid picking the flakes if they appear. Picking the flakes in any way will cause the healing to delay.



Working with a Team of Orthodontists 

It is possible to correct an overbite problem for several months to a year, depending on the severity of the problem. This means that you will create a relationship with your orthodontist. Always ensure that you are honest about how you feel on your smile when you go for a consultation. This will allow your orthodontist to treat you accordingly and ensure that your appearance is not affected negatively by the procedure. 

Now for the common question, “Will My Lips Look Bigger after Braces Removed?” can be answered as follows. There are instances where the dental treatment of placing braces is stopped before a full correction is complete. This is commonly done when the lips start to change so much. The orthodontist will only allow enough improvement in these cases in order to avoid any long-term negative effects of an overbite. Other methods can be used by your orthodontist to counter any aesthetic concerns that you may be having during the treatment period.  Computer rendering is usually done in these instances to project the look of your smile after treatment. 

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Will My Lips Look Bigger after Braces Removed (FACTS)