Words of Wisdom No.10: “Conceal with Color“

colorWear Lipstick to Make Your Teeth Look Whiter

If you have teeth that aren’t perfectly white, then you can make the enamel look better by wearing certain colors of lipsticks. Makeup artists recommend avoiding lipsticks that have a brownish tone, but you can choose a blue-based red or pink lipstick to help your teeth look whiter. While wearing certain colors of lipstick can make your teeth look more beautiful, it won’t help your teeth look straighter. The only way to have aligned teeth is by wearing plastic aligners or braces that will shift your teeth into better positions.

You Need Braces or Aligners to Have Straight Teeth

When you need to wear braces, you might choose traditional silver metal brackets and wires, or you might prefer wearing color-matching ceramic braces instead. Children and teenagers enjoy wearing braces that have brightly colored brackets and wires to show off their orthodontic treatments. Alternatively, if you are an adult or teenager with mild malocclusions, then you can wear clear aligners that are easy to remove when you need to consume food or brush your teeth.

Improve Your Smile With Orthodontic Treatment at McDermott Orthodontics

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By undergoing orthodontic treatment, it is possible to have an attractive smile with beautiful white teeth. More importantly, you will have straighter teeth that will ensure that you can consume a healthy diet that includes fresh vegetables and fruits. Dr. Michael McDermott offers several types of orthodontic devices at his facilities, including:

• Ceramic braces – made with color-matching brackets
• Damon System braces – made with self-ligating brackets
• Traditional braces – made with metal brackets and wires
• Invisalign aligners – made from durable clear plastic

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