Words of Wisdom No.6 – Brush your teeth with baking soda once a week

Brush your teeth with baking soda once a week

While it’s true that baking soda can be abrasive when applied to Invisalign (because of its mineral content), using only a moderate amount of pressure during brushing will help prevent damage. An orthodontist might recommend removing your trays and soaking them in baking soda and peroxide. When brushing, you should always remember to dampen your toothbrush with water or vinegar after adding baking soda. This can help protect your teeth and braces. Additional ingredients for softening or diluting baking soda are:

  • Crushed Strawberries
  • Vinegar
  • Lemon Juice

Baking soda is 100-percent sodium bicarbonate, which makes it a perfect candidate for ridding your mouth of harmful pathogens. In fact, it acts as a natural antibacterial agent, fighting off bacteria that contribute to bad breath and Streptococcus, which causes tooth decay. And if you keep your teeth clean, maintaining your Invisalign will become much easier. Many people use baking soda at various intervals as a way of giving their teeth a break from fluoride prominently found in traditional toothpaste. The fact that baking soda is free of dangerous chemicals, such as benzene, makes it a much safer alternative.

Because of baking soda’s abrasive properties, overusing it can potentially do more harm than good. That’s why your orthodontist may recommend using it approximately once per week. Still, refraining from brushing too harshly for too long can help prevent any negative effects even if you decide to use baking soda more frequently. Also, keep in mind overusing baking soda can cause certain types of braces to stain. In most cases, two minutes per brush, using an “up and down” motion, should suffice. Eventually, you should notice that your teeth have become whiter and have a slightly polished look.

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