your first visit - pequot lakesThe Orthodontic Process To Getting Your Smile Back

Orthodontics as a Dental Specialty

Dealing mostly with the diagnosis, prevention and eventual proper alignment of crooked or misaligned teeth and jaws, at the orthodontic practices of Dr. Mike McDermott, only the highest quality treatment is given to our many satisfied and smiling patients.

Needing an Orthodontist

Although many people regard orthodontic treatment as being limited to young children and adolescents, any age group benefits from a trip to an orthodontic care practice.

Having crowded, overlapping teeth or a misaligned jaw, orthodontists often find themselves treating adults, and even the elderly, from problems that stem from early childhood. Such problems may have been untreated tooth decay, lost baby teeth, improper tooth growth, traumas resulting from accidents or even thumb-sucking that went way beyond early childhood years.

What to Expect with Your First Visit

On your initial visit to one of our orthodontic practices, you can expect to first familiarize yourself with Dr. McDermott, our team and the practice itself.

Looking pretty much like the office of your family dentist, you’ll be seated in a comfortable dentist chair, and have one of our orthodontic technicians, or assistant, take a set of digital or X-ray images of your mouth and teeth area.

The X-rays and images immediately tell where teeth are positioned and whether there is an anomaly in your mouth or misalignment with your jawline.

In addition, an imprint of the teeth is taken with a sticky sort of substance being pressed against the top and bottom row of your teeth. On removal, an exact replica of the size, shape and positioning of your teeth helps Dr. McDermott decide on the best course of action to straighten your teeth. In some cases, a 3D image of the teeth may be taken using an Itero scanner.

Following the exam that you receive on your first visit, you’ll be advised as to the treatment plan, the associated fees, the payment options you may have and the approximate length of time the treatment may last.